Integrating timelines means we are aware of separation. When we take control of our reality and everything in it we can intentionally work to dissolve any separation we are holding within. We close out timelines intentionally because we recognize it as not serving our highest good.

When we are in avoidance because we are afraid of change we allow ourselves to live / play in a reality that is unstable, which means we are not in control.  We do not close these timelines because we are not aware that we hold immense power and have the ability to create change so we allow the timeline to collapse because we don’t know any better. We suffer this way.

Embracing our journey, finding acceptance and moving into heart centered flow brings us into the higher timelines where our greatest potential to “create” exists. Creator states of being birth us into a 5D reality from within.  When we realize we didn’t incarnate to suffer suffering ends. It’s always our choice.

Be so busy in creator mode birthing your new reality you don’t notice what’s leaving. ❤️