The energy has been so high all is experienced in the moment of creation through our words, thoughts, actions with the key player being our “intentions “.  Our reality is now more directly linked to our thoughts, words and actions than ever before, energy matches our intention.  Law of Attraction, what we are / think / intend is what we get more of. If you are present you will actually see it playing out in your life as well as the lives of people around you. As you’ll see in this example karma can be subtle, leaving one unaware they experienced karma through their creation. Yesterday was one of those times where the karmic clap back was hard to miss.

I scheduled the day off to take a trip to Blick’s for some art supplies I need for a class I’m taking. A beautiful, artistic, soul siSTAR made the trip with me. On the way back we stopped at a diner to grab lunch.
I pulled into the parking lot along with the vehicle in front of me and was immediately stopped at the entrance.  The young woman driving the vehicle in front of me abruptly stopped in front of a car getting ready to back out. The car trying to leave had their car in reverse and had inched out but this young woman wouldn’t move until her passengers exited her vehicle. There were spots up ahead but she was fixed on this one.  The car trying to back out was as stuck as I was wait for her.  The passengers exited and she put on her signal letting me know she was taking that spot. She moved up and the other car quickly backed out as she began backing up. I had to patiently wait sitting in the entrance to the diner and ask to be protected from someone coming in too fast and rear-ending me.  There was no way to go around this situation or I would’ve.

She finally backed in to that spot and I parked elsewhere. By the time we got inside she was seated with her friends, and magically we we were seated next to them so we could witness the universe at work.  To our surprise our waitress came right away, took our order and we had our food in minutes. Just after we started eating the waitress ran past us to the table with the young woman and her friends and exclaimed “I’m sorry you’ve been waiting, I didn’t know you were my table”.  It was another 20 minutes before they got their food.

EVERYTHING has a ripple in the quantum field faster now than ever before. Karma is NOT a past life wrong doing carryover into this life, it is an energy exchange.  It’s tied into a belief system. The degree to which you put something out into your universe is the degree it will come back to you. This is all things both good and bad.  The most important thing to understand right now is that manifestation in no more.  That was a process requiring focus and attention through intention.  Now we are seeing instant MATERIALIZATION based on pure INTENTION.

The karma here was that this young woman not only held the car trying to back out hostage so I wouldn’t take that spot, she held me hostage because I was unable to go around her and park someplace else. Everyone waited on her, waiting until she was ready and could fulfill her desire to have that spot no matter what. She wasn’t thinking that maybe those people had just received a call and had to immediately leave their meal or had someplace to be nor was she thinking about the fact that I was also waiting on her in a challenging situation in the entrance to the parking lot.

To me that spot was not important I would’ve gone around this situation to park elsewhere but couldn’t, there wasn’t room to go around her. Being seated near her and witnessing the small karmic impact was very interesting. She was probably unaware and will continue to be unaware until one day her actions / intentions create an event that’s sure to get her attention to which she’ll need to look for the answer to “why that happened”.  This is how it works and it’s faster than ever.  A few years ago she wouldn’t have experienced a clap back for her action because the energy was so dense and manifestation took longer but now anything not in alignment of the highest creation will endure some negative ripple.

If we tune in and are fully present we will see how this is playing out around us.  It’s everywhere, I could give you countless examples from the last week.  My siSTAR and I were both aware at how quickly this played out and saddened by the level of unconsciousness.

Moral of the story… it’s important for us to serve ourselves but never at the expense of others.  That will never be aligned with the higher timelines. We must hold RESPECT and honor all with love and integrity. If we are unsure we can always ask “are my actions in this moment / transaction impacting anyone outside of myself in a negative way.

John Lennon’s words never held such truth, Instant karma is now truly instant, an exchange, energy for energy.  What we put out is what we get back. We must be clear in what we’re creating in each moment so we don’t unintentionally create what we do not want.  This requires us to be present to see what we’re creating in each moment.  Operating from love will leave little room for Instant Karma to knock us in the head for a wake up.  Be love in all you do, be in service to others through that love. That’s 5D consciousness, this is how we will heal the Earth and each other. Love is the answer. I love you ❤️