Last night in dream state I learned how timelines work as well as how we are integrating / merging them into this now moment.

First let’s start with timelines being spirals.  This is where the phrase “karmic loop cycle “ comes from.  When we get stuck in a cycle of karma it’s us living completely unconscious to making the same choices over and over, sometimes appearing slightly different and yet not, that keep us stuck going around the hamster wheel because timelines are not straight lines, they are spirals that intersect with each other in the spiral. This is also what allows us to “jump a timeline” to another reality when we are conscious of our choices. We complicate this part by letting our human mind tell us jumping a timeline is too hard. All it means is we stop choosing to live in the “experience” of our current timeline reality.  We see our reality/ experience from the point of our creation.

I was shown that our reality is created by the choices we make in how we choose to act which ties to our personality and then ties to self love or a lack of which is the true driving force of our experience. Learning self love is why we’re here.  Its the most challenging thing for many if us to learn.

The timeline is also impacted by each tiny decision we make, what clothes we wear, what people we choose, what car we chose to drive, where we park, what job we choose etc the list goes on right down to the smallest detail about us.  For instance, you’re out with friends and you choose to park here and not there… both parking spots yield a slightly different experience in how the rest of the outing goes. It’s down to the smallest detail because our reality is not already created and we’re just living that creation, it’s created in each and every action, footstep, word, thought, desire etc we have. It’s built by us on the fly, if you will which is why it becomes so easy to change when you understand how it works.

Those not remembering dreams are doing deep deep clearing of timelines that would be too traumatic for your human to wake up to, you’re brought into the deepest sleep for this reason.

Working to clear timelines in sleep state is exhausting to us and can leave us feeling like we didn’t sleep at all and yet we did.  This is because we are clearing bazillions of timelines in our sleep.  All timelines, including those you never chose to participate in that are still running on a parallel reality without you.

Last night I cleared all timelines associated with a guy I grew up with who was in the Navy. I was 16, he was 20 and he wanted to date me but my parents were strict about dating so we didn’t. Last night I cleared that time line as well as all the other timelines that would’ve been if we had dated. Every possible outcome was there in front of me last night, the one where we married and he stayed in the military, one where we married and lived in another country on base and the list was endless as each timeline merged like something printed on glassine paper overlaying overlapping as they collapsed into  each other into this now.

When we’re truly present we can clear massive amounts of timelines because we hold no attachment. It’s only when we’re in the past ruminating on what was or could’ve been that we can’t close it. This is also how timelines collapse on us.  For instance a job we hate, we know we should leave but fear of change keeps us stuck ado we just bare the challenge until we get fired.  In getting fired the timeline collapsed, this will always bring greater challenges than had we closed it out by leaving the job.  It’s always our choice how we experience a timeline.

When we can’t sleep we are in gamma frequency and our multidimensional self is kicking in.  Timelines are not needing to be cleared but there is “something” requiring our attention that we need to get up and do. I am in gamma more than not these days and find myself incredibly productive.  Writing, creating, getting work done in many ways that I can’t when I’m working in Photonic light / plasma light etc.

There’s more, I’m going to do a video this coming week to share details that won’t translate well here.  I hope this was helpful and offers a glimpse at how we work with timelines.  Have a fabulous day and remember WE are creating our experience in each minuscule choice we make so make them all delicious 😉 I love you ❤️