I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. In my journey I came to see the demon wasn’t cancer: it was me. My own thoughts were making me sick. Everyone thinks cancer, and all illness, has to do with the food we eat, but that’s not really true. The truth is it’s our thoughts that create the damage that weakens our body; the food will only assist in furthering our body’s deterioration if we’re eating poorly for an already unstable energetic body. Yes, that’s what I said…we are energy which is driven by our frequency which becomes a vibration depending on our oscillation rate. If our energy field is solid and we are running good thoughts through our mind and into our energy field and maintain good boundaries, as well as eat foods high in vibration to support us, we will have a healthy body, but if we have negative thoughts coupled with negative feelings (emotions) and a very poor diet, then together thoughts, emotions, weak boundaries, and weakening foods will disrupt our energy body and wreak havoc with our health, creating an opportunity for illness to set it in.

The truth about healing is that it is an inside job: no one can heal you if you are not holding a true and complete “desire” to heal yourself.  I know many of you have heard me say this over and over again.  Healers are amazing conduits for healing to occur. I say that as someone who was trained and in both Usui & Karuna Reiki almost 20 years ago.  It was what activated a deeper awareness in me of the Subtle Energy Body around us.  If you stick with me and keep reading I’ll explain how we can receive a healing and be healed, only to get sick again. The fault for the reoccurrence is not with the healer, it’s with the recipient’s lack of awareness to the polarity and duality we live in and how it all really works.  I’ll explain how we create our joy as well as pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering are at such a low vibrational state, it’s much easier to get momentum going with lower negative vibrational thoughts and keep them flowing. It’s like rolling a tire downhill: the longer it rolls, the greater the momentum it has, and when it finally hits something and stops, the damage it can cause due to its speed could be significant.  If you stay stuck in lower thoughts about a situation you cannot move past, over time it creates victimhood mentality and then it’s almost impossible to escape… or so you think.  This is only going to barely skim the surface, but it’s a good start.  If you find yourself getting triggered, good, that’s healing starting.  If you feel emotional or angry, put this to the side and come back later.  Repeat until you get through the whole thing. Feeling triggered is the discordant connection between your inner being and your ego. Your inner being, soul, higher self or whatever you want to call it will try to pull you back on track. That’s when you feel uncomfortable; the discomfort is the ego wanting it’s way because it’s used to running the show; it’s that simple.  If you’re getting this and still with me, please keep reading…

My Journey and My Work

Having cancer back in 2000 catapulted me onto the path of self-discovery through healing my body, but it wasn’t until it returned in 2004 that everything changed.  I’m someone who needs to know the why & how of things, which can be a challenge at times, but in this case it was my blessing. Since that second dance with cancer it’s been a never-ending search for the truth in how / why we become sick.  I’ve read hundreds of books, and am well versed in the work of healers such as Carolyn Myss, Louise Hay, Debbie Ford, and the list goes on, but in truth there was always something missing.  Even after all that, starting back in 2000, it still wasn’t clear to me why we got sick or how we could heal.  Why can people consume nothing but junk food and live to 104 years old, while a health fanatic can die at 40? It never made sense to me.  My work has been based on healing the whole and not the illness because to me that’s like applying a Band-Aid when stitches are needed.  The same is true with traditional therapy: it can keep you locked in a loop, never really resolving the problem, which is the generational patterning, programming or Karmic loop cycle playing out because everything is at the soul level.  It feels good in the moment but that deeper resolution never seems to come… only more separation of self as you struggle to make sense of yourself and your life. The nature of the illness is not really about anyone else; it’s about you and your perception of you.  If you take a few minutes and keep reading I’ll explain what I’m talking about.

How We Create Illness

The intensity of the life as we’re experiencing it in these times is bringing a lot of stuff to the surface needing to be healed. Through our life experience we are needing to navigate so much at times that we get pulled right out of our comfort zone. When this happens we get locked in thoughts like, “why did this happen to me? Why didn’t I catch this faster? What am I going to do now? Why are they doing this to me?” etc. All of this drives us deeper into our thought process which then naturally requires an accompanying emotion. Before you know it a few weeks or months go by and suddenly you have a pain or a discomfort popping up somewhere, an almost immediate manifestation of pain or illness, both a direct result of resistance in some area relating to the thoughts you’re now thinking about the situation at hand. Resistance is a major factor in how we create illness. When we are in resistance to letting go of something or someone not serving our highest good or best interest, our body responds with pain or illness.

So now we’re at the next step, which is how illness is created. We talked about thoughts being part of the culprit in making us sick. The other cause is our emotions. Now we bring in our actions. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions marry together and are brought into the body through magnetization, anchoring into our electromagnetic field. We don’t even realize this is taking place until we start to feel stressed, sick or physically exhausted. Once in the electromagnetic field, with enough focused attention, it can pull into the aura, then into our  physical body, and suddenly we’re sick. Energy being pulled into the body that is of a lower, denser frequency will weaken your field. In truth, it all starts with our thoughts. If we look at each player in how this works we can see that thoughts are electric in nature and emotions are magnetic. They are assisted by our actions, which are constantly imprinting what we’re thinking and feeling into our electromagnetic field (see the picture below-human). The electromagnetic field does a great job locking in these memories because we live in a polarized reality or environment. These emotional imprints become timelines through which we recall our past, especially past traumas because lower, dense frequencies are easier to tap into.  Time is a 3D construct: it only exits because of the way 3rd density (dimension) operates. In reality the thought, emotion and action through density creates the imprint, which is then locked into your field.  This is why it’s so hard to let go of something painful from your past or a relationship that was toxic; whether it’s your past yesterday or your past of 40 years ago, it doesn’t matter because the memory and emotion behind it will be driven off of the intensity with which you imprinted or stored it in your electromagnetic field.  This imprint “timeline” created in your electromagnetic field will make it feel “fresh, like it just happened” because of the strength you give it through your thoughts, emotions and actions if you can’t break the loop cycle you’re stuck in.  If this is you and you are feeling overwhelmed here, take a breath.

Every illness or issue in the body is an imprint in the electromagnetic field via these timelines, but there are some we come in with through our soul’s contracts such as “Generational Patterning/imprinting;” one such illness is cancer.  This is something that requires our attention in another way so we can heal what is transpiring.

Why We Stay Stuck

Creating Illness, healing through awarenessThe second part of this equation is even more important because it has to do with the timelines imprinted to the Earth (see pic of earth) since the Earth holds 3D for us to create these experiences in.  The difference is, when you activate the imprinted timeline in your field, you are then matching the same imprinted field that Gaia is holding, but instead of just you as the emotional/ mental energetic component, Gaia’s holding the billions of people on the Earth who are also struggling with the same issue and same emotional status, and this is referred to as the “collective”.  It you are struggling with cancer, you are imprinting to the timeline field on the Earth holding cancer. This is why we heal and then it returns again. It’s a loop cycle because of the duality and polarity held on the Earth. You must pull your thoughts, emotions and actions to a different place.  When someone heals and stays healed it’s because their thoughts, emotions and actions have shifted out of that patterning; they let go of that timeline and healing occurs. You’ve heard me say that many times. That timeline collective amplifies your experience with that illness that is now needing to be dealt with by you, which brings us back to pain being derived from resistance in letting go.  We create our reality in every now moment; it’s a currency exchange of vibration.  We need to start thinking about how we are spending our energetic currency. We did not come here to suffer. We came here to live an abundant life.  We stay stuck through our thoughts and perceptions that this is the way it must be, but this is false.

Without going into the remedy, since each individual requires their own process, I’d like to break down a few of the more common issues I’m seeing right now so that those of you experiencing a collective experience playing out in your lives can understand why this might be occurring for you.  Remember, I’m giving you what I perceive as the general underlying energetic component of each because in order for me to be more specific I’d need to see you for a session.  (Disclaimer, I am not a medical doctor.  If you feel you need medical attention and a doctor is required, please see one.)

Common Issues

Let’s start with the example of UTI’s.  They are Root / Sacral chakra based and have to do with urinating or lack thereof because of the bacterial infection.  This is an emotional situation of being “pissed or pissed off”.  The Bladder is involved and that energetic component is “retention”. The UTI causes burning and pain when you urinate so we need to look at “anger”.  This is usually towards another.  In most of the cases I see it’s towards the opposite sex. Being pissed off at someone, having to suck in emotions, or hold them in.  Usually there’s an issue with confrontation when the Bladder is involved, and a feeling of being burning mad.

Stones, kidney first, are also anger, but here we are actually “giving shape” to that anger, now lumps of undissolved anger.  The kidneys crystallize the criticisms, failures and disappointments.  I see this a lot with childhood issues, feeling like you got the short end of the stick, that life didn’t work out the way you thought.  It’s also in some a big desire not playing out the way you had planned, such that the failure anchors in. It’s in the solar plexus so it’s about feeling a lack of empowerment and being judged, mostly by yourself.

Cysts are about running the same story about yourself or your life over and over.  I thought I had done all the work after the second time I had cancer in 2004, but in 2017 a cyst popped up in the exact location of the cancer to show me that although I made the changes to my thoughts and emotions, I still had an area I hadn’t cleared. I didn’t create cancer again but I did create a cyst that showed up to let me know there was still work to be done.

The Bladder Stone is the same anger creating the stone as in the kidneys (see above); however, this is the Bladder so this is about FEAR, retention, and holding things in, mostly from the past or childhood.  I see this in people who don’t like confrontation. It’s in the sacral chakra so it’s about not feeling like you’re enough. I see this in people who can’t let go of a grudge they’re holding from their past. They have a difficult time communicating feelings.

Finally we have skin, which is associated with the root chakra.  Any skin issues, alopecia included, are about distress or emotional stress such as jealousy or anger that is being “reflected out,” since the skin is like the mirror to our soul.  I’ve seen this occur when someone was cheated on, in babies who came through a challenging birth and hold fear, and in difficult divorces, difficult living situations, etc.  Skin is also associated with the lungs and heart chakra, so there’s grief or fear playing a role as well.  For every thought and emotion (action) there is a reaction creating a “step 1” awareness that you are out of balance through the beginning of physical pain. Thoughts and emotions that are left unattended run amok and create imbalances in the electromagnetic magnetic, which then magnetize to the same timeline imprint of the Earth and that creates the feeling of “stuckness.”

Healing Starts Within

I know these are trying times were in as we are being pushed to our limits, being asked to see the bigger picture and the gold paved road on our path leading to our future.  These issues can easily be resolved with self work but they will persist if no action is taken because they are being magnetized by the collective imprint on the Earth.  I had cancer twice and it opened me to new heights in my work and provided insight I never believed possible in order for me to work at new levels with my clients.

It’s time for “self-care” my friends; it’s all about you. Health issues will keep reoccurring until you take action and you make yourself a priority.  The more knowledge you have about how your energy body works, the better you will become at navigating around these health issues and generational imprints, and reduce your opportunity for illness.  I hope you’ve found this information supportive.  It’s always my intention to hold the highest vibration for expanding awareness in how our reality can be more easily navigated and healing can occur.  As you can see it all starts with YOU.  You are the catalyst for your own healing and the conduit for your own love.  Please love yourself in ALL you do. You deserve the healing you really desire, so kick it up a notch and activate that true DESIRE locked within, and over everything and everyone else, love YOU more!!!