✨NOTE: please read this as if this was being downloaded through you from your #oversoul for a #dnaactivation into #higherconsciousness #higherself if you choose 🙏🏻

In the beginning God made me… many lifetimes in various forms to learn, understand and grow from each experience, some pleasant and very uneventful and some one would choose to wipe clean from one’s database of collective experiences. There is no then or past it is all now, right here in this moment to be experienced without being dissected. When I choose to dissect an experience it is no longer an experience but rather a something else cast into the #matrix of #duality. In other words I’m offering that experience an opportunity to become good or bad right, or wrong and so on.

But if I can merely allow for what is I cast all #judgment aside and use the experience as if it were a cobblestone on my path of life I could then navigate on a continuous basis toward those other cobblestones that are easier walking on a path I might find more enjoyable. When I take up time by dissecting what is I am no longer in my highest vibrational state of being. I lower my #vibration to match the intent of my creation through my desire to take a nothing and make it something. How would it work for me if I could leave the nothing a nothing by not making it something? It would simply allow me to focus in my awareness of what transpired in that experience without needing to define it as anything more. The need for more is always the work of the ego. The experience of the experience received is through the portal of the heart. Here in lies the first Lesson of #compassion at not needing anything more than the experience offered because the definition can never make me whole, the portal of my heart makes ME whole.  I AM already EVERYTHING in the experience I AM having. In that moment I AM authentically me, there is no need for me to be more or less.

The desire for the more or less is the unresolved matters of the heart that creates the desire for something more because alone I am not enough, however, in the search to create something more the lack of contentment at being me creates the opportunity to create the experience of less since the field I’m living in is polarized. This is the possibility in playing the game in a way that does not serve the highest aspect within me.

I AM already the more I am seeking , it’s only my feeling of lack, the loss or lack of self-love, that keeps me from knowing myself as whole.

The next time I analyzing my experience I will stop and look at my need for the analysis that would turn the experience I just had into “something”, I will get quiet and feel into wether it’s a quest of my heart or my ego. My heart already holds love and compassion for myself, my job is to let go of the belief that my experiences must be something in order to justify my existence in this form. I AM already something as an ascended soul, having an experience of a lifetime in each and every moment. It’s my job to experience myself at this level of awareness so the why falls away and the experience is only in my highest state of being because I AM a compassionate soul seeing each experience as my own divine perfection.