We have entered a truly magical time, the dawn of a new era is upon us. The SOULar eclipse took place in the throat chakra (separation / persecution) and Crown Chakra (Higher Consciousness). We are heading into cosmic (crown) exp like never before, Unity in the Collective Consciousness.  Through this eclipse energy we have exited the dark ages of repression, oppression, abuse of power, manipulation, dominance, and aggression as we shift out of the lower realms (chakras) holding this distortion through the beliefs and programming of the old 3D matrix.  We will now begin healing our inner child wounds to unleash unlimited potential within ourselves and also as a collective.  The inner child is the “creation” is the integration and merge of the Divine Masculine / Divine Feminine integration we’ve been working through since October 2017 which put us in the next 7 year cycle of healing and rebirth bringing us to 2024 for completion.  Yes there’s lots more work to do.

SOULar eclipses spotlight areas needing our attention, what is hidden in the shadows can now be brought to light.  As I’ve said many times before we are in our physical ascension which means we will feel more in the physical sense both emotionally as well as through the body as our DNA upgrades.  Gaia is also feeling this as the gateway for these eclipses, the final one to come on July 5th, as they are affecting the Earths axis.  Because this gateway carries ancient coding and is galactic in nature we will have an opportunity to connect to our star lineage (families) in order to know ourselves in our truth of who we are and why we are here in this physical form for the purpose of supporting this great transformation from dark to light.

Through these next few weeks as we continue through the eclipse corridor it will be very important to be present in not only what is unfolding around you, not to be digested internally, but to be present within yourself.  If you are filling your inside with your outside you are working in the wrong direction as all presenting outside of you is the inner projection you are creating through thoughts, words and actions.  To take in any external emotion or event will become extremely debilitating when you’re in the processes of your own metamorphosis.  The outer reality is the result of the inner belief system made manifest. Choose all wisely.

We have lots of work ahead of us as we continue to heal our past.  In each moment we are choosing how that looks.  We are all Divine Co-creators in that process.  Now is the time to put that to use and empower yourself through awareness.  We are the bridge to healing.  It starts with us first, heal ourselves and through that inner healing outer healing can happen. Remember, all outside is a reflection from within.  If you are experiencing pain in the physical, outside, it is because there is pain with in.  Pain = resistance.  Let awareness become your power.  All is here to help us.

Enjoy some time outside today, make time for going within and allow yourself to release all that limits you. Begin to see yourself as limitless.  This is who we are.  Be love in all you do, love lights the way.  Sending you SOULar cosmic blessings and Divine love ️