Happy Equinox!!  When I posted my energy update for the equinox five days ago I had no idea just how “quantum” this re-alignment would be. This gateway is the spark for which collective shift through revelations will happen in a way we have not seen before because we’ve not been able to reach this level of light /  awareness within the collective until now.

This shifting in the quantum field has become more obvious to me through dream state as I continue to clear lower level timelines of chaos and destruction in the living library, some of which have been hard to see for my human.  Two in the last two days were extremely significant in releasing the mind control programming through lower 4D / 440 hz programming.  Over the next weeks we will begin to see the results of this clearing.  As the lower level distortion is cleared from Gaia’s living library more of our DNA is unlocked which is the key for the up-leveling in consciousness / awareness within the collective.

I will share more of what is transpiring over the next week(s) with regard to this revelatory timeline presenting.  What’s most important at this time is for all of us to hold the higher timeline through love and compassion for ourselves and each other. Let go of judgement as ALL is NOT as it appears. This is a reminder of my prior messages that we are watching a movie, an illusion of what we believe is reality.  To be in the higher timeline, qualifying the higher light coming into our field we must continue to pull ourselves back to present moment awareness every time we forget and go unconscious.  We can not live in the past or the future as both are existing only in this NOW moment.

Let go, be in flow / floaty bliss  happy states. It’s our birth right, suffering in not.  Be love for yourself so you can be love for each other.  Let go of fear, it’s part of the lower level distortion fed into the lower frequency on our planet, it’s not real. Love is the key.  Hold your heart, speak to it in love. From my heart to yours… I love you ❤️