Since March 14th I’ve been writing and sharing a progression of events on the timeline unfolding as the bifurcation of 3D / 4D continues to take place.  This is Ascension or The Great Awakening.  It can not be stopped, the only variable in this experience is how we navigate through as a collective as well as our individual experience.

Complete awareness is brining us to the 5D Christ Consciousness timeline (unity Consciousness) where we are experiencing the breaking apart of the old paradigm that is unsustainable in order to build the New Earth reality which anchors the 2020 energy of the Master Builder I’ve written about since the beginning of the year.  We are seeing a new form of separation arising for those holding on to the old narrative refusing to see the truth.  The matrix is deep and confusing for many.  Feelings of anger and resistance are rooted in the old paradigm releasing right now through the Divine Feminine as we anchor Trinity codes and Freedom codes heading into June & July.  Those not willing to use the vision of 2020 clarity are bringing the Dark Night of the Soul to reality.  We can not hold onto the old we must see the higher timelines and shift up.  This is where our future lies.

We are heading into a Global Reset which will effect all things including the paradigm of our financial system.  There will be no stone unturned.  It is time to let the lower timelines play out without our energy. Look beyond what we believe / perceive as our reality to see this story has already ended in a fairytale like way and all that remains for our visual / physical experience is the energy that has not fully been released as too many are fighting to hold on to what they perceive as the better version / experience of life / reality.

I’ve shared the progression of what my team is giving me with a clear message to “see it, understand it, but don’t get emotionally involved in it”, this MUST play out in order for us to move forward. Will it be painful for some, probably. Does it have to be? No. We are always in control. See the end result of the Freedom timeline, all things resolved and our lives underway.  Does this mean we won’t feel another glitch (virus etc) no, it merely means we stay the observer and take it in using the “information as a tool” to gauge where we are in our own personal journey.  Everyone is part of the collective as well as their own individual path. Trying to convince another is not how we do it. We present information to all for another to come to their own conclusion. Judging another is the 3rd dimension needing to be acknowledged in order to shift higher.  Judgement / attack on another is the lower paradigm of the 3D matrix and not the 5D timeline of Christ Consciousness / Unity Consciousness.

There is truth in information as well as disinformation. Both are relevant.  Contrast always allows us to see where we are and if we are not where we want to be it presents an opportunity to shift. Today I gave you the end, where my team shows us heading.  How we get there is up to us collectively as well as and more importantly individually.  I hope everyone can see this is a virtual reality that we are experiencing and the picture we hold of “The End” is what we are “expecting” to experience.  I am choosing the higher timelines seeing humanity ending all separation and finding love.  That is the timeline that is aligned to the 5D Ascension / Christ Consciousness timeline.  In everything you do be love, for yourself first so you can offer that love to others.  I love you ️