Happy July 4th which, for me, has represented Freedom (codes) since I felt them first active on July 4, 2019.  These codes are activating in our DNA assisting in bringing us into all new levels within ourselves.

Some of you are getting called to service.  If this is you this is where your focus is as your new reality is expanding through this awareness.  Follow the breadcrumbs and ask each morning upon waking “how can I be of service” and watch / listen for your inner guidance to show you.

Some of you are feeling disconnected /  lost, a loss of connection to the old self.  This is a template wipe, the old 3D self is being dissolved and replaced by higher light frequencies which can feel uncomfortable.  During this process we can’t feel a connection to anything, our job, relationships, things we enjoyed doing or even our emotions.  This is a very important shift taking place as the old template is being overlayed with the new template which shifts us into the higher realms.  Here we loose touch with the old 3D distortions which can feel overwhelming.  Being present, feeling it all without judgment to what is happening or what you are feeling is key. It can last hours, days or months.  The more you can feel into everything without needing the “why” the easier the transition will be as new codes activate in your field.  This is a heightened time of creation, our creator codes kick in which can help us bring in new work and creative opportunities.

We have reached the point now where Gaia has released duality and polarity.  The 3D timeline is done.   If you haven’t felt it directly in your reality you may be experiencing it through telepathy or new connections with your higher self / higher realms.  It’s important to remember our body is tied to Gaia, if she lets go WE must let go or we carry it in our field until something forces us to let go to see differently.  Thinking the same old thoughts, holding the same old beliefs, habits, patterns etc will keep us locked into the 3D matrix.  Our energy / frequency will attract / create our experience.  It’s important to get clear on what we are creating through our emotions and thoughts. The mind controls the illusion which becomes our reality that we think is real because the Magnetics that lock it in place for us on our Earth are so strong. The change in the outer world we desire is really a change within us.  We must change what we perceive as our truth which means we turn off / tune out of the outer world and go within.  We get quiet and listen for our inner whisper from our higher self which will help us shed the old limiting beliefs in order to create new higher level awareness.

If you are tuning to any stories of what’s going to happen in the next few days, months etc let them go.  They are the distraction of the matrix in order to get you to stay locked in to the old duality / polarity game.  When we tune out of the narratives our emotional body can calm down and stop driving us forward unconsciously so we can get back into the clarity the mind offers. We’ve done a great job being emotional, training ourselves to be reactive.  Now it’s time to shift out of our emotions, into our mind in order to become responsive / responsible.

My rule of thumb is if it creates fear within you it’s not on our organic Ascension timeline and we must let it go no matter how intriguing it may be to explore.  It has zero purpose in our Ascension and only serves as a distraction.  New realities / realms are created through presence. Practice being present and watch how fast you create new realities / realms.  In the blink of an eye life can change into all higher level experiences. Our job is to see the “game” we may not be aware we’re playing.

This week is a week of Freedom codes in a way we haven’t experienced before. Are you going to show up for them and let them help support your next level shift or are you going to stay stuck in the old creation waiting to see what happens next. It’s up to us, always!  We must be the change we want to see. If something / someone presents in our reality and triggers us thank it / them then get quiet and do a self check to see where our energy is. It’s always us attracting our experience to us which means we must consciously change our state of being in order to experience a new reality. It’s that simple or perhaps that complicated if we haven’t been doing the work.

I wish you a beautiful week of Freedom (codes) and higher level everything. We are in extraordinary times.  Be present to witness the opportunities for change available to us.  If you are reading this you are an anchor for these codes.  Our combined collective experience holding these codes through awareness  is what shifts the collective of humanity who are not yet there. Please join me In anchoring codes this week to up level our realm shift experience creating our New Earth.  I love you ❤️