Crystalline-Plasma Rainbow light is filling our field, many are feeling these Frequency Light Upgrades first before the pineal gland opens to the visual.  We are still in a corridor of intense energetic shift until 8/27.

I just took this picture of Solaris bathed in rainbow rays  Everyday I’m waking to a sky of pastel hues, it’s everywhere I look.  We are shifting higher in each moment.

When I tune into the energy of this picture I feel a nudge to clean & detox our bodies, align with higher choices, and remember why we are here at this time. The lower timelines are are deconstructing with or without us. The choice is always ours.  Everything out there, outside of us, is everything inside, held within.  We created all of it and in kind we are dismantling it by shifting our beliefs, clearing programs and stepping out of old patterns of behavior which are no longer capable of being held in our field due to our own intricate template upgrades as these FLU’s force us to release more of the distortion deep within.

Many are feeling these upgrades as headaches, eye aches / issues, body aches, neck aches which include glands / lymph system / Vegas nerve with pain mostly on the left & in the back of the neck, digestive issues or at times we feel as though we are dying as we go through embodiment where the old personality sheds to anchor in the higher self 6- We must make time to rest. When we don’t we are in “unrest” which is “resistance”. Resistance equals pain. The more we resist our bodies needs the more pain until we accept & surrender.

We do not serve ourselves or anyone else when we choose suffering. Give yourself “permission” to rest, this is a program clearing, it’s called Guilt.

If you feel anything less than joy tune out of the “movie” and do something creative or spend time with Gaia. She will tell you stories of how the best is yet to come.

I’m holding you all in love ❤️