Our magic flows freely from within us, always… it’s never ending unless of course we don’t believe we possess / are magical.

I went for a hike in the woods yesterday with my friend.  We’d been in this park twice before and wanted to explore more so we downloaded a map of the park from Google so we could see the layout for the trail markers.  It clearly showed the layout for the path we were on so all seemed good.

We turned up a new trail when a small butterfly showed up, fluttering in front of my face then landing in front of me on the path. I heard a tiny voice say “you’re going the wrong way!” and I thought that’s not possible I have a map, so we continued.

A few minutes later a big bumblebee flew right past my ear, again I thought I hear “you’re going the wrong way” but I had that map I argued.  He flew off but the butterfly stayed with us the whole way and as it turns out we got lost and ended up way out of the way of where we were headed and of course the butterfly told us to turn around and backtrack our path. Easier said than done!  In that moment I looked up to see a bunch of hawks flying together in a straight line, they usually circle as they fly. We decided to go back in the direction from where we came.

My friend and I looked at each other and both agreed “we got this”.  It was a moment where panic could set in, we had already hiked an hour and it was 3pm but we decided not to panic and simply ask for signs we were headed in the right direction.

In that moment I was looking at the ground when I heard my friend, who was in front of me, say “how’s it going?” Puzzled I looked up and said “who are you talking to?”  She said “him” and pointed to the left where I saw a guy who looked like Jesus dressed in a casual suite jacket and khaki pants walking across our path heading deeper into the woods. She and I stopped and looked at each other in a bit of shock. He wasn’t dressed for hiking in the woods.  He never said a word, he just smiled and kept walking and never looked back.  We looked to where he came from and then looked back at where he was heading only to see he was gone, disappeared. What just happened?  Was he our sign?  We suddenly realized the path he was coming from was our path back to the entrance so we started walking that way. In a half hour we were magically back at the entrance and the car.

We were both asking for a sign, it didn’t matter how it showed up because we both believed we would know it was a sign when we saw it. Sometimes the sign is bigger than you need and your Universe stands laughing with you as you shrug your shoulders and think out loud “of course I would chose Jesus as my sign, I couldn’t possibly misunderstand it like I did the butterfly!”

Yesterday I learned I can’t trust maps from Google and I need to listen to butterflies because they always know the way.  They are, after all, part of the creatures in the elemental kingdom.

Angels govern the Faerie realm, butterflies represent Archangel Ariel. They are the voice of the Soul so of course my choice in a sign would be a Jesus looking guy in a casual suite jacket and khaki pants!!

I asked for it… “make it so big I can’t miss it because I really don’t want to wander around the woods lost.”  I believe in magic, I believe I am magic and possess the magic of my Universe within me because our Universe is within us.

Do you believe in magic? This is where it starts. If your answer is yes start to invite magic in, see it in all things.  Speak it into your reality and claim it as your birthright.  “My magic flows from within me!” And so it is!