Lower timelines are dissolving but not without cost for some.  The higher energies are intensifying the experience for those who are not easily able to let go of what was in order to step into what is unfolding to anchor the higher timelines.  Everything feels unstable as we go.  Fear is the enemy as it creates a smoke screen making it difficult to see beyond the illusion in order to know what is real.  Knowing the higher timeline outcome is available does mean we bury our head in the sand in hopes that everyone else will do the work.  We must do our part and light ground our energy into the creation of whatever it is we are desiring for our future.

The solar frequencies are bringing intense change, we’re feeling it daily throughout our body.  It intensifies anything already existing in our field and magnetizes it to a very uncomfortable level if we forget that we are the creator of our reality and all things within.  This requires the release of resistance through the ego mind turning down the volume to hear the higher self whisper.  We are in May and it is all about change and freedom.  Freedom is beautiful and scary as it means we have the choice to take ourselves in the direction that most resonates with us.  If we haven’t practiced tuning in due to the outer distractions we will not know where that direction is.  This can feel overwhelming.  When our beliefs are challenged and we’re asked to see beyond what we’ve believed as true to another possibility it challenges us to the core.  There is a desperate need to hold on and fight for the old belief.

Everything being experienced is now enhanced by this full moon energy which is why everything feels so much more intense.  There are new light / key codes coming in which are increasing what we’re feeling in our body as lower timelines release.  We are beginning to have greater awareness that we are vacillating back and forth from minute to minute as we try to find what is true.  The challenge here is that we are feeling it all, if we are not clear that the energies are clearing us out for our next level of embodiment we will get hung up on the confusion rather than the feeling of bliss in letting go of what we know to no longer work.

The sun’s solar flashing has also intensified bringing through light frequencies that are making it uncomfortable at times.  It can feel like we are on high alert in our physical body as it works to integrate all that’s being received  or it can feel like complete bliss and love over flowing as the integration of those codes amplifies our field expanding our heart.  Neither is wrong or right, this is how it works.  It can shift quickly in a nano second making you feel overwhelmed.  This is how the body is recalibrating itself in order to upgrade with the light frequencies being received.  The frequency feels like light codes on steroids and you may find yourself dehydrated needing much more water than normal, urine is also changing becoming more bubbly as we release toxins, you may feel sluggish, foggy, groggy, angry, frustrated, have moments of pain on your right side where your gallbladder is (reptilian conscious connected to the 3D matrix) achy, sleepy stomach gurgles, headaches, dizzy, nauseous.  This is all the result of energy needing to clear your cells. The best thing to do in all cases when you are not feeling good is sleep, we go down to upgrade.

June will bring a different energy as we move into deeper embodiment.  It will feel as though we’ve anchored more completely onto ourselves.  Things will not feel as rigid as they do now.  Allow for time to go within.  Try to meditate for at least 10 minutes each day just to touch base with your higher self.  It’s important to make time to hear the higher self for direction,  tune more deeply into that soft whisper.  It requires practice.  Every moment be love, especially for yourself, especially when you are feeling fear, even more when you are feeling challenged.  When you hold light and love you can offer that in great abundance to others.  We are all in this together, together we are strong.  I am with you on this journey, thank you for being with me. I love you