Yesterday we entered the final month of 2019 and are on our way to closing out a 7 year Ascension cycle in our conscious evolution. Today, December 2nd energies align to support our expansion both personally and globally. This is an exciting time for all!!

Saying goodbye soon, 2019 is a 12 / 3 year bringing us into this current transitional pathway as we were asked to step into our soul mastery in order to anchor in our higher timelines through our intentions. All of this has been the focus of this past year as we now see this shift as we close out the last 7 years from 12:12:12 to this 12:12 in just a few days which also falls in a 12 vibrational year (2019).

Many of you have felt more connected to the angelic realm as the 12 assists us vibrationally in making that connection. We are being supported by many realms and collectives at this time. The Christed timeline is supported through the Yeshua & Magdeline collectives which many are connecting to, I’ve seen many connect to the dolphins & whales while others connect to the dragons & unicorns and many more connecting to the galactic realms. There it is, YOU are “first contact”, the disclosure you’ve been waiting for is through you!!

A tough one has been the loss many have suffered through loosing a child, parent, sibling, friend, etc as the “soul” gets called home because it is not meant to be here through this next phase in our evolution. I see so many beating themselves up for not “praying” hard enough, strong enough, more powerfully when it has nothing to do with prayer. It is not at the level of the human, I know this is hard for many to receive but it’s true, it’s at the level of the soul. They leave us because their work or what they came to experience is complete and they are going to ascend through their work back home on the other side. Many of the young people (starseeds) we are seeing taking their life as a way to exit the human form is happening because they can not navigate this earth bound experience as a “first time” incarnation. You did that too only it was 856 lifetimes ago or more (not really because it’s all non-linear and happening now) so you don’t remember the struggle in physical form in “your” first incarnation, although some of you will greatly identify with this because you are not comfortable in your body and aren’t quite sure why.

We are headed into an incredibly magical times if we can let ourselves expand into self love and let go of judgement. This next year is a year of change, it requires you being “present” in order to create that which you desire since you create it all, the good, bad and not so pretty. Your thoughts drive that bus and the picture of your experience is painted through those thoughts or rather where your consciousness lies. Think about bad, depressing stuff and you’ll feel stuck but in like if you think about more positive uplifting stuff you’ll start to feel lighter and everything changes. You are what you think, feel and do. I can’t say it any clearer than that.

As we move into 2020 we’ll be going through greater transformation on a collective level and on a personal level. The energy will be supporting ALL of your dreams so make them big and yummy!! No more playing small. You want change?? Well it needs to begin within you, you are the savior, hero, etc you’ve been waiting for. If you knew the power you have you would never look outside of yourself for anyone to heal you, help you or make you feel whole. You are a Deliberate Co-Creator with YOUR Universe. How you are experiencing it depends on your level of consciousness. Are you present or are you in the past fretting or in the future worrying? The best is yet to come!! We are heading into amazing times. It’s your choice how you experience it. In love with you always and forever