Have you been feeling tense, anxious, like you’re about to burst then next thing you know you feel happy & blissful? This is how we are clearing the last of the deep unresolved trauma held within. Let yourself flow through it with self love and compassion, this is how we release. No judgment, use this energy to find Divine Neutrality and begin to see there is no good, bad, right or wrong as everything just is and has it’s place in our world. The more we anchor into Divine Neutrality the more we are able to handle everything presenting itself to us, the struggle falls away as it was created through our lack of awareness that we can choose differently. No more playing small to satisfy another, this is mastery. It’s called self empowerment. We do not live in the confines of judgment because we know that when we judge another we are judging ourselves, all is a mirror for us to see where shift is needed.

Neck, shoulder and spine pain are at an all time high, these energies are freeing us from the constructs of all that no longer serve us. Allow yourself to pull away and detach from the lower realm distortions of 3D. Rest is required, your bed is the optimal place to be if you can lay in the sun. Plasma crystalline light frequencies assist these releases through the bones, teeth etc which is why we feel achy. High level of Solar Flares / CME’s create headaches and migraines, eye / pineal glad pain. All is supporting our awakening in this grand finale.

I know life is about to shift for all of us. I had a dream last night all roads were under water. There was a being with me, he asked if I could do something. I said yes but I’m not going Into the water to do it. The water is emotion, it was murky and turbulent in my dream. The streets represent the people who are about to be baptized under water / awakened. We are about to shift. Are you making time to be present and go within?

Yesterday I quantum jumped to May 2021, the feeling was amazing, the energy incredibly high. This energy is like a wave surging to the shore then breaking in a massive crescendo onto us spilling out rainbow light blissful frequencies but we have to stand in the stillness and receive. We need to allow ourselves to tune in to the quiet, so all that is needing to come to the surface to be cleansed away can come up so we can finally release all we’ve held onto as our truth.

We’re about to see some good / big shifts as the illusion of this movie takes many turns allowing us to finally see what was hidden right in plain sight. This will play out the rest of December into January for the finale. Stay in Divine Neutrality, pay little attention to the movie as the real focus must be on our Sun, he / she is the real star of the show in our lives. The light frequencies are allowing us to manifest our hearts desire but we have to tune in and focus on what that means, focusing on anything else but what we truly desire gets you that, which is not what you want. Remember the Law of One and Law of Attraction at play here.

Every time I ask my higher selves / higher realms what’s next they show me all of us sitting in a movie theater watching a movie when suddenly the movie ends and the lights come on. I look around and see startled faces around me as if not understanding what has happened. My perception of this moment is that what is revealed will be incredibly upsetting to many. It’s most important to be centered and tuned in rather than be distracted by the outer noise. Remember, this movie was set up with distractions so you wouldn’t guess the ending too soon and fall asleep as the movie plays. This is how the veil has been used, a giant curtain most can’t see through into the higher realms of reality. Now the veil is dissolving quickly just like the lights of the movie coming on abruptly. We are all finding ourselves feeling into new gifts and abilities to connect with our higher selves in ways we haven’t before. We left ourselves unique gifts and abilities, we knew this time would come when we would fully embrace all we are.

Tomorrow, December 12 is another big day. We are already feeling that wave of light bending over us about to break for the past two days. We are being primed for the Solar Eclipse on the 14th and the Solstice on the 21st. Do not get caught up in outer perceptions. This morning I was meditating and had a huge “flash” of light in my minds eye. We are all on our own individual timelines, if you are expecting to experience any of this energy according to someone else’s perception you may miss something special your soul has lined up for you because you were tuned outside of yourself, we need to tune in. We are experiencing this shift as a collective yes but we will also be experiencing it on our own individual level through our own unique timeline.

Do your best to stay off / away from electronics. I am not on as much because it interferes with my energy body. I reserve myself for my one-on-one client sessions and my Wednesday class gathering. Try to limit yourself, you’ll notice a difference in your energy field.

Be love for yourself, self love is everything. Once you understand the magnitude of your own love you’ll never settle for anything less. Love heals all, share your love, stay out of judgement and be present in all you do. Shine / radiate your light and feel the joy and bliss being offered in these new energies so you can release what is needing to go. I love you!