So much is happening right now I wanted to share with you while I felt the urge to write. I’ve been in creator flow and when I’m there I’m immersed I the art of “just being”.  If you asked me two years ago if I could envision feeling fearless, peaceful and ease I would’ve laughed at the question, my how time has shifted and everything along with it!  I hope you’re all doing well, finding your balance in this continuous flow of change. The light frequencies have intensified to assist us in clearing whatever distortion is holding us back, holding us down so we can fill ourselves with more light frequency activating higher states of consciousness.  This is a process and because of the intensity now in these final weeks of our Ascension “finale” we will need to make sure we’re making time to rest and allow our body to do what it needs.

Over the last several days I’ve been receiving much awareness that we are in a timeline of aggression. I’ve been working in the Living Library each night to clear this timeline.  Many of you know this is part of my work (soul contract). We can see it play out within the collective. If we participate we create more, if we bare witness and allow our field to be a conduit for transmutation we assist the clearing process for Gaia.  It’s always our choice how we create and experience our reality.

I have also received much awareness on the weather and how it is continually manipulated in order to control the frequency of depression, anxiety, fear etc.  This will be shifting as we move into the coming year(s) where we will experience, for the first time, natural weather across the Earth.  These are some of the exciting things to come.

Many of the participants in my gathering on Wednesday nights are experiencing Light Ships connecting with them each night. This is how the process will begin for many. It requires an open heart as well as some preparation within our being.  There are many experiencing shifts in time, time running backwards, things not being where they left them, forgetting what day it is, hearing voices as if someone is having a conversation in the next room, hearing music from another time period etc. This is all dimensional in nature as we move more deeply into zero point. We are constantly shifting in and out of all dimensions without awareness because they are frequencies, not a place, so it’s not as obvious that a shift has taken place. I’ve talked about this the last few years. Leave your glasses one place and they disappear only to show up someplace else. I’m having it with my cats. I’m letting them in but then they appear back outside again wanting to come in. It’s all dimensional as our multidimensional self kicks in. It can make you feel crazy, you’re not, it’s your field adjusting as the veil is dissolving. I’m seeing more than ever, third eye expansion has increased as well.  I have an awareness that our glands are being reworked, we have new glands being created. See my Instagram post from Oct on New Glands Discovered in the Throat  by Scientists. I’ve been saying this for years!! The neck pain is part of our Ascension upgrade.

The rainbow light is constant now. Many of you are starting to see that the sky has a pink hue some days and a purple hue others etc.  Iridescent Rainbow light can be seen everyday all day as a must in the sky until our eyes adjust and we see it more visibly. We’re also experiencing our Sun as a living soul, because it is, connecting with us in a new way. As we connect we are recognizing ourselves in the Sun as it’s a mirror for our authenticity as a Divine Fractal Being of Source light Consciousness.  When we meditate with the Sun we can experience the Rainbow Light frequencies which are integrating with and upgrading our light body.

Yesterday I sat outside between my client sessions and was greeted by the living presence of Solaris (Sun). It was like a light show as each color magnified on his field and radiated through me.  The picture shows the rays projecting down to me, especially the one to the left (my heart side) in its fullness. This is what is occurring all day everyday.  Shift is happening.

Some of you may be feeling intensified vibration “inside” your body. This in not outside, this is Embodiment. This is unification taking place. Heart Coherence.  This is part of our upgrade process.  It can make you feel jumpy, the more you can relax the easier it becomes.

Gaia is having sudden “stop” moments. I’ve been feeling them more intensely since March.  It’s not a sound, not like it sounds quite but rather a “feeling” of quiet or stopped in your body.  She is doing this every time she shifts. It’s becoming more noticeable. We may eventually come to another stop as a collective to allow not only her integration but ours as well.

Some have been asking me about their sex drive intensifying.  This is actually an aspect of kundalini awakening as light body activates. Use that energy for creation to balance out what is being felt. Craft, paint, draw, make jewelry etc.  This is a powerful awakening process.  Mine activated in March 2000. It was a roller coaster of fluctuating intensity for years back then. Now, because energy moves faster it resolves faster.

It’s important to detach from electronics now. The frequencies are super high and I’m finally at a point where no matter what I do or use they make my body wonky.  My stomach gurgles and I feel like I’m being squeezed out of my body.  Please make sure to are spending time away from your phone, the frequencies it emits create an addiction believe it or not. They’re tied to the 440 hz.  We need to get into higher creator states of being, do things that raise your vibration.

I’m taking more time away from social media, my phone, computer etc.  We are heading into intensified frequencies beginning on November 30th with the first Eclipse, Full Moon in Gemini.  This is going to heighten emotions at a planetary level.  As I mentioned above I’m working in dream state to tamper the aggression stream.  Stay present as an observer.  This moon is getting us ready for 12/12 when we move in to the new revelation codes coming in.  This is the next level of the “reveal / wake up”. This is probably the biggest energy shift we will experience. After that we have the solstice on 12/21.

During these next few weeks it’s going to be important to look away from the lower distortions like the vaccine timeline popping up again to wake up those who still think a vaccine is good.  Choose to see all playing out as a movie to keep “poking” those lacking awareness, those giving their power away by letting another choose what is good or right for them etc.  NY State just passed a law making it mandatory to wear a seatbelt in the back seat.  My car my right to wear one or not. I believe seatbelts save lives and always wear mine, at the end of the day it’s my right to chose wether or not to. In this case NY is taking my right to choose away.  Will we keep sleeping or will we wake up.  Until we wake up the show must go on.

As you know I am an anchor for the higher timeline, and as a result I do not create distortion nor do I look to engage in it.  These next few weeks my focus will be on these income influxes of light.  I will be on social media to post / share information when applicable.  I will not be answering personal questions, only focusing of those questions pertaining to what I’ve posted as long as it’s general benefiting the collective and not personal in nature.  During this time my focus / energy will be reserved for my client sessions as well as my Wednesday night class, all are welcome.  If you have a personal question or issue you’d like support with that doesn’t require a full session please see my website for the “Intensive Focus” session which is 30 min / $77. We get a lot resolved in that time.

I’ll be sharing what is coming through as we move into these Gateways. Try not to feed the fire that’s trying to extinguish, we keep it alive through emotional energy. See everything presenting as an opportunity to shift deeper / higher.  WE shift, not others, this is OUR experience.  It happens inside of us not outside, that is the illusion. We are expanding beyond our limitations. Feel your freedom even if you can’t see it.  Feel it to start the flow of conscience energy and call in your limitless state of being.

This will play out until we decide to care about each other.  Are we giving or only receiving? Are we honoring all or only ourselves? Are we respectful of another’s time? We must really value and love each other.  This is unity Consciousness. It requires we make sure everyone has and no one goes without. We must really care fully.  Be present, be compassionate and be love. I love you ❤️