Light frequencies are so elevated right now the lower realm of 3D is imploding.‬ ‪I woke up from a dream in which an old VW Beetle that looked like it was from the movie Mad Max was in front of me.  It was a visual representation of the rioting. ‬ ‪In dreams cars show us how we‬ are moving in life. The color of the car was black, which is lower energy / frequency.‬ ‪As it moved to pass me I watch as it’s tires split leaving it stuck and the driver stranded.‬ ‪This is very symbolic of what is unfolding before our eyes.  These movements do not have the‬ ‪structure necessary to stay together as it is not built on / based in the higher timelines/ frequencies of love.  This cannot sustain itself.‬ ‪Moving forward we head into the 7th week.  7 = spirituality/ God / Source / Creator.  Faith / Trust ‪Continue to consciously hold the highest light and remember to‬ ‪observe the lower level as it continues to dismantle releasing all attachments and needs for certain outcomes.‬ ‪All is highly aligned for our Ascension on a global level… and so it is. ‬