Sunday morning, I woke up to an awareness that I had witnessed a pole shift as I was working in the Living Library of Gaia.  I saw the oceans and land swap places with the sky, everything was flipped.  This was very powerful because the Earths magnetics have been pulling things apart in the dismantling and dissolution of the 3D/4D timelines.

What has become increasingly obvious to me is how the energies have been at play.  We witness this through the chaos and destruction playing out in those who are not awake as they perceive conflict / battle as eminent while those awakened choose the higher timeline knowing all is ok and will continue to be ok as this movie plays on.  It’s the illusion of chaos and destruction, it becomes reality if we feed into fear, giving fuel to our imagination to create more of what we don’t want because, as we know, the Law of Attraction is great at bringing us what we focus on.  This is where the work is, see beyond what appears to be truth. Ask yourself, do I need to experience an event that will put me in danger or harm me to wake me up more or am I already awake and continue to focus in on my truth creating “that” as I go and not the illusion / movie of what is playing out in a visualized fear based way.  We choose in each moment.

A few posts back I shared that the Sun was a projector for our thoughts, words and actions.  If you missed that post please go back and read it.  It’s important to understand how this all works so you can release the need to stay tuned in, unintentionally of course, to that which we don’t want to play out in our reality.  When we have a clear picture of what our existence in this human form is really based on you will never look at life the same way nor will you allow yourself to create / experience pain and suffering.

How does this work? The Sun is the projector, showing / projecting what is created through our thoughts, words and actions.  All projected as the reality created in our third eye, outward onto our path (movie screen) which is our Earth / Gaia.  Gaia is a movie screen on which we live, a living movie experience.  It’s the stage where all of our projections play out in real time. This means that whatever we believe to be true for ourselves is what shows up in our reality.  If we don’t like what’s playing on TV we change the channel, it’s the same here only it takes a bit more work in that it’s our belief system that must change. This is the hard part because of all the programming we’ve experienced from the moment we were born.  We were fed a truth that is not true for any of us… this is the Awakening.

Now back to the magnetic shift I felt.  We are all aware there is a spiritual battle taking place, which is much bigger than anything else we are aware of through all media sources.  This spiritual battle is dark vs light. I’ve noticed the Schumann Resonance displaying long periods of “blackouts”, which is where these shifts are taking place.  Light is clearing darkness however when we see a new riot or incident of chaos arise that’s a moment where the dark has pushed to blackout / diminish the light.  We already know the dark is within the inner Earth dwellings for centuries.  Our Star Family’s are in our air space constantly supporting our Ascension.  We are seeing more eyewitness accounts of ships and a few days back I posted a video on a ship frequency I captured while I was trying to take a picture which was transmitting healing frequencies to all of us as well as Gaia.  That frequency is part of the 5D+ frequencies that are blanketing our Earth in order to assist in our shift out of the darkness.  If we tune higher, we will hear it now above all other tones. Since taking that video I am in tune with that frequency more, it was my intention in posting it that you receive it as an activation if you choose to support yourself in shifting to the higher timelines of 5D+.  Ascension is a choice.

Now back to how this works… Our Earth is shifting, on the lower level 3D/4D we will see destruction and chaos if we choose to watch.  Even watching is a “form of participation” because at some level, unless you are experiencing it around you or directly to you, you must sit back and realize it is an illusion to further wake up those still sleeping. If you’ve never watched it, the movie Wag The Dog portrays this perfectly.  I saw it when it came out in 97’ and never looked at the news in the same way ever again.

We must realize those engaged, participating in any event / situation whether on a personal level or in a group are choosing that through their soul contracts for the purpose of waking up both themselves as well as those who are choosing Ascension.  Yes those events further serve those of us already on our path and awake in order to give us contrast to push us deeper / higher so we can see and align to the higher timelines through our ability to loose judgement and merely be a witness to all that is playing out.  We may not like what we see but this was written centuries ago, as a matter of fact many perceive this as the Book of Revelations playing out.  I cannot speak to that because I have never read the Bible although I’ve had many.  That’s a story for another day. My intel comes from my higher selves and knowing myself as Source.

It’s important to realize that what we are seeing playing out is actually on our living movie screen, Gaia.  Like a play or movie, depending on the “next scene” which is always created by us, you will either watch in excitement or watch in fear.  It’s always our choice through our thoughts, words and actions as they, in every second, create our reality.  Want something else? Then we must be / choose something else.

This brings us to now, why is it important to hold this awareness and see the lower timelines of 3D/4D which generate fear, chaos and destruction?  We are in intense energy through the Sept 11th when we shift again.  Through these past few weeks I’ve been going through deeper stages of embodiment.  At times it feels like you’re dying, no I’m not being dramatic for effect, you are dying in truth or a part of you, a “template” of the old you is shedding.  It requires much downtime and rest to integrate.  During these times you’ll see me disappear as I’m upgrading and anchoring new light codes with my body (we all do this, I just aware of it) as well as clearing and working in Gaia’s Living Library during dream state.  We all have secondary jobs to our primary job of being us, our human self.  This is why I have not been able to write as all of my energy is focused on the areas that directly require my attention like my weekly class series and my client sessions in order to support real time.  I will write as I am able, yesterday I was back online.

The intensity of the energy will build over the next weeks / months to come, it may feel restrictive in ways.  Remember that is a perception. When we are in flow, remembering all is happening in perfect timing and we are perfectly perfect where we are (or we’d be someplace else) we can navigate what presents with Grace and ease.

When “out there” gets too heavy and emotional stop watching and tune in. Do something creative that brings joy.

We are truly in amazing times. Allow those who feel they “must” fight and be part of the battle to do so. It’s a choice and one driven off the soul contracts and free will. We can choose different; we do not have to fight or argue our point. When we do we leave the higher timelines which doesn’t serve us nor does it serve anyone else.  Honor yourself, choose you first, fill your world with love and harmony as best you can and leave the chaos to those wanting to struggle and fight.  They are clearing the lower timelines, we must honor all.

We are going through a reset. Be present, show up for yourself, let go of judgement and love yourself through.  I am seeing in each moment that we are doing it!! We are shifting, the collective demands change in the highest way. We agreed as a collective to make this shift together and here we are.  Stay in faith and focus on the higher timelines so Gaia can support you in the experience you desire to have.  I love you ❤️