“Dawn of New Creation”, the message I’ve received each morning waking up the last three days.  We’ve had another shift, if you quiet yourself you will feel into it.  My sleep habits change with each shift, this morning I was up at 5am.  The past few months I couldn’t get up before 7:30am, my work in dream state was heavier clearing the Akash in the living library, something I would wake up to each morning as I was talking to Gaia in my lucid state on my way back to present moment awareness.

This shift is requiring us be present for not only ourselves but each other.  The bifurcation of 3D/4D is more apparent than ever as it brings us greater clarity (2020 Vision) of what we don’t want as well as what do want.  Our focus should be on the later in order to “create” more of that.  We are the builders of our New Earth, both individually as well as on a collective level.  In order to understand this we must first understand that everything outside is really inside. We create from within through our thoughts, words & actions which creates our intention.  This is how our reality shows up for us. Our work is within, there is nothing to do outside of ourselves except observe what is showing up in our reality.

When we begin to realize we create our state of being we can choose to be in flow with all that presents even if we don’t agree with it.  Being in flow allows us an opportunity to continue to fine tune our energy field to higher levels in order to find our comfort & joy. When we are not in flow we are in resistance which brings discomfort, pain & at times suffering.  When we are not in flow with what presents we feel angry.  If we hold awareness to feeling anger we can use that moment of clarity to tune in to what we are not wanting more of in order to shift into something we do want, which may be more joy or comfort.

One of the best ways to shift our energy is to close our eyes and bring our breath into our heart center.  When our eyes are open our ego is running the show.  Closing our eyes brings us into the heart, into our universe, which allows us to connect with our higher self.

Another way to shift out of what we don’t want is to go out in the sun and connect to Gaia.  Earthing & sunlight amplify our field.  We can also light ground our creator visions in order to empower them.  As always, it’s not as important “what” you do as much as you just doing it.  This is why awareness is the key component on our Ascension journey.  Being present allows us to be aware of all things.

We are in the Dawn of New Creation, a new 6 month period of transition.  Be aware of your personal needs.  Self care plays into the creator state of our being.  Self love is another key component to amplifying our light body.  We must take care of ourselves in order to keep our vibration high and be in flow with all that is presenting.  Love yourself first so you can offer that love to others. Your amplified state of being supports all in the collective experience. Stay in flow, be conscious of all things showing up as it’s a direct reflection of where you are creating from. I am here with you, we are doing in together! This IS the Dawn of New Creation.  You / WE are creator beings always co-creating with our Universe.  Be in flow, flow in love.  I love you