Crystalline light frequency works the restructuring of molecules in our body which affects all glands & organs.  This is an immense process for the body as well as our human. As the cells go through a detox we feel it (symptoms), crystals (crystalline) activate to support our shift from a carbon based body to a silica – crystalline – plasma light body through these re-calibrations / re-configurations / DNA Upgrades.  The body must rest in order to integrate this light.

About a week ago I had an encounter with Lyrans who later that night came to me in dream state.  They are working the Solar Cosmic Christ aspect of our Ascension, I am too. They offered me new Intel for my next phase which included support for these physical body “upgrades” which can create pain when we are in resistance to letting go.

Plasma light frequency works the bones, teeth and skull which hold our deepest programming.  Because of its viscosity, thicker than water, we can feel it going through the body especially our organs and glands, which feels like gurgling.  This gurgling is detoxing us at a molecular level.

The Lyrans told me Cacao was beneficial to helping with the release of pain.  They said Crystalline Light Body requires a sugar source and Cacao or Dark Chocolate is best. I had some pain in my knees the next day, I never have pain there, so I ate a square of dark chocolate and within minutes the pain went away.  I’m not a sweets lover, I cleared that program years ago. One square did the trick, one pice of chocolate is all that’s required.

It was also offered that when we crave sugar we are activating our Crystalline Light Body.  When we crave salty food we are activating our Plasma light body.  One of the most important parts of our physical ascension, which started in 2017, is letting go of judgment surrounding how we look.  We can not shift if we’re still holding judgment.

Tune in to your body, what is it asking for?  Next time you have a headache flaring or joint / body pain try a piece of dark chocolate.  Sugar is an energy source, fuel for light body. Pain = resistance, joint = lacking flexibility.  Rest & hydration are key during upgrades.

We are always in control of how we experience our Ascension. Knowledge is our superpower!