I wanted to share this with you, not my normal post but something that is important for ALL to be aware of as we continue to evolve beyond our physical carbon based structure into our Light Body phase, each phase presenting new aspects for us to be aware of / breathe through. We are working through the Crystalline Light Body phase right now.

Most of you know I’ve been on my Ascension path for many years going back to 97’ but not really as focused or consciously aware until about 2011 when everything began to fall in place. With each year I watched my body change along with my eating habits and sleep patterns not to mention my Intuitive abilities.

About four years ago I started to notice these bumps taking place on my third eye and my cheek that were tiny, like the size of a grain of sand. I’d be able to scratch it off and that was it, no mark no problem but two days ago a bump erupted on the left side of my neck that looked like a pimple. The first day it was very red at the head and the next day it turned into a white head but it was hard. Last night it ejected a small grain of sand like crystal (picture below) that’s hard like a crystal. I realized it’s a crystalline particle that my body has ejected which is a sign that I’m more fully anchoring into my crystalline DNA light body. Those of you who read my posts, have mentored with me or have had sessions with me will know what I’m talking about because this has been a topic on the table for years. As a mater of fact some of you will remember the client I had 4 years ago who lived upstate and was a first wave Ascension guide and had them coming out of the souls of both feet. She was so relived when I told her what it was. In the exchange of light codes she must’ve activated me because I noticed the on my third eye right after that.

These new energies coming in are going to amplify the energy in our body vehicle, you will all be experiencing this at some point if not now. If you are seeing red bumps pop up that look like a pimple or a blister leave it alone and do not force it to pop. It may very well be a crystal being pushed out. One of the signs is that our skin takes on a shimmer, a golden glittery glow to it. It’s the reason, for those of you who’ve noticed / commented, that I appear to be going backwards in the aging process. Our cells are taking in the light from the sun which is activating our cells. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been focusing all of you towards the sun, it’s our source of energy now. It actually works with the water in our body to activate our cells like Masaru Emoto pointed out in his theory on water taking in and forming to the energy of words. Our body is comprised of 80% water… this is our next level. We are there. This is super exciting to witness. I feel like the test subject for all being in the forefront to help as many as I can awaken.

2020 is going to bring about more intense energy, deeper Activations and awareness of self. Some of these shifts have presented in star particle itchiest on the skin, mostly the crown, back and arms. Sleep patterns going from being completely exhausted unable to get out of bed to insomnia. Many have been noticing a change in what they can tolerate in and around them from moving on from people in their lives to changing their home dwelling just up and leaving, feeling the need to connect outdoors, and feeling an upshift in their creative self. This is all part of coming back into a more authentic you, love yourself through. This is ALL FOR US, there is nothing to fear. I am going through it with you holding your hand as we go. You are all in my heart, every time I click on your comment with a heart I’m personally sending you love and holding space for you to align to whatever your heart desires. Be love for yourself first in all you do so you can share that love with others. I love you again and again and again