The SOULar light coming from the sun is like a blanket of “golden” rays radiating down on, into and through us creating a massive shift at a cellular level.  I see it, it literally looks like golden rainbow crystalline light that covers Gaia, especially the Crystalline light which is at an all time high. Every plant, mineral and being (animals included) is receiving these higher light codes.

You may feel like you’re on a roller coaster of emotions if you are not staying in a present moment state of being.  The emotions of the collective hold the distortion of a raging war within each individual within the collective  which is about many things some of which is the fight within of what you believe, what is right or wrong, what is good or bad, should I or shouldn’t I do this or that and so much more as the toll of the last two years compounds eachs personal pain and suffering carried deep within not to mention the parallel realities being felt and added to the mix as we integrate bazillions of timelines into this now.

The external war we are seeing playing out is merely a reflection of the war within. Remember, this is a hologram, a holographic reflection of what is happening within as it must also be created through our thoughts and emotions which is then reflected into our outer reality.  In order to win the war reflecting back at us in this new narrative we must first win the battle that rages quietly within each of us.

We live and operate by “perceptions” within our human experience which offers us the game of judgment, blame, shame, guilt etc.  There is no wrong or bad in anything playing out in our reality ever as everything showing up offers us a greater opportunity to shift higher by going within to see where we may have separated from ourselves by going unconscious through unconscious choices in our thoughts words and actions which create our emotions…. We are driven by our emotions.  Get them in check and we win our internal war.  Consciousness expands!

The most important thing right now is to let go of all judgment of what you think you see, what you think you know and what you hear.  We must let go of out there to focus within. The chaos out there only serves to prevent us from releasing these next layers (grids / templates) of distortion in order to bring in more light.  How do we ascend our consciousness?  We drop into our heart center to anchor more light and raise our light quotient. By working from our heart we make choices that are more conscious not allowing ourselves to entangle in the game of separation.  If you are feeding / fueling the outer narrative by taking sides or making a stand you are focusing in the wrong place.   That only serves to divide us further. You are giving your power to distraction.  We must come back within, we have more power to shift these situations quickly when we are all engaging in and operating from our heart center.

The Photonic light from the sun is giving us this SOULar push to expand our consciousness.  We are either maximizing it to shift into a higher consciousness of upper 4D / 5D.  If you are not unplugging from the outer narrative you are entangling in 3D.  Nothing good will come from that.  As always it is OUR CHOICE… choose wisely. I love you ❤️