We are transitioning into a 9 month, 9 being a very high vibrational number, fruition, attainment, fulfillment, nearing completion.  Knowing this we must continue to hold the vision for all we desire to create as lower timelines completely dismantle.  Out with the old and in with the new as we prepare for the changes to come in 2021.

September stars out with some challenging energy.  Clarity  and focus will be on what is as well as what is not.  This is a time of reconciling all that is out of alignment within our personal story.  If it no longer serves us in a way that makes life easier let go and move to what can better serve us. We must simplify our lives and untangle from the complicated distractions that have kept us locked in a holding status waiting for the right time.  The time is now, let go and be in flow with all that presents even if it feels uncomfortable. Remember to breathe and make yourself a priority.  Self love and self care are our priority right now so we can be our best to show up for and serve others.  When we all begin to care about each other the suffering ends.  Be love in all you do. I love you ❤️