My first ever soft pastel painting! Believe it or not this was a huge challenge. This pastel board is only 3×4 inches 😅 those are Sennelier pastel half sticks.  This was my challenge to myself to “stretch” myself out of any fear that I am not capable of achieving a desire, in this case my desire was to try pastel painting.

I’m a watercolor artist and I stumbled onto the YouTube channel of @susanjenkinsartist Of Monet Cafe and was mesmerized. Next thing I know I am researching soft pastels in order to buy them and try my hand at pastel painting.

I’ve never been a landscape artist or worked with any type of pastels so this is a first.  I’m hooked!! It’s so much fun, except the dirty hands from the pastel chalk but even that is teaching me to be loose and let go.  It’s ok to be messy and get your hands dirty right? After all that’s part of being playful.

My normal medium is watercolor in which I mostly paint light to dark but I’m learning about values through Susan’s teachings. It’s opened up a whole new world painting dark to light. It forces me to see from another perspective which is always welcome. Seeing from other perspectives opens us to the infinite field of possibilities… one of my favorite places to be 🥰

Painting this landscape I realized I don’t have landscape pastels so I guess I’ll just have to get some! 🤑 😂. Did I mention art can be addictive???

I’m really enjoying this new medium.  It’s very relaxing.  Creation is a catalyst into 5D+. Trying something new, pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone is also stretching us higher.  If we see ourselves as unstoppable in our own state of expansion we can truly bring magic into our lives in ways that will surprise and delight us.  I’m already planning my next piece with soft pastels to keep this new creator state in flow.

What are you doing to stretch yourself and experience life in new ways? Drop it in the comments so we can encourage and motivate each other to aim higher! 🙌🏻🌟