Plasma / SOULar frequencies
Expansion Expansion Expansion!!!
That’s it, plain & simple. Distortion within or without can NOT hang on any longer.  If you feel you can’t do anything more that lay down so be it, that is what this energy does.
Massive reconstruction of our physical body taking place right now.  Let go & surrender ALL of the old ways, habits, programs, routines, rituals, patterns, beliefs etc.  They can no longer be supported in this higher light frequency. Trying to hang on equals resistance and resistance equals pain & suffering. It’s our choice in how we move through our journey.  If we resist (unconscious) we’ll experience extremely uncomfortable situations to push us into surrender.  Staying present / conscious equals a path of least resistance, an easier experience.
Plasma may make you feel like it’s hard to breathe. Plasma is viscous, a step above water. Stomach issues, bones, skull, teeth as it’s assisting in clearing the deepest programs from every reality ever held.  Make time to rest as I do. I’m motivated to write today & I do in order to support our collective shift.  Most days I’m in blissful creator states and don’t desire to be on social media. For today I’m sharing what’s presenting because tomorrow is another day and who knows where I’ll be! 😉 I love you ❤️