IMPORTANT: Please read prior to meditation

This is a snippet from my Ascension Mastery School gathering, we often do meditations etc….

This meditation is a “transmission” frequency that activates the nervous system to open it to clearing the neurotransmitters of any distortion so the electromagnetic field can release the imprints of “end of days / armageddon” timelines.

It may feel uncomfortable in the beginning, this is normal as the transmission is opening pathways for clearing and realignment of the higher light frequencies. You must choose to receive this transmission in order for it to assist / support you in letting go of any discordant energies keeping you from reaching your highest creator states of being. Do the meditation as often as you can until you no longer feel triggered by the beginning.

This meditation is perfect if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, fear, ancestral blocks, genetic imprints etc

Please enjoy… I love you ❤️