We have arrived! The Earths lower level distortion that kept us locked in karmic loops and cycles of abuse have been deconstructed putting our beloved Earth back to her natural soul state so she can start the next phase of her journey in transcending her own distortion.

Gaia Sophia is waking up from the same slumber we’ve been in.  We’re seeing this in all of the weather patterns we’ve been witnessing these last two years.

We’ve reached a point within the collective awakening where enough people have chosen to step into higher consciousness and join together to amplify forces creating the shift on the planet.  Gatekeepers/ gridkeepers / light workers all around the Earth have been coding and seeding the incoming light frequencies creating a magnitudal shift of the Earths axis.  I feel these magnetic shifts, they’ve been consistent this past year.

If we write todays date as our brothers and sisters overseas do it would be 22.02.2022 which is a Palindrome, which means the number can be read backwards and forwards. The significance is that as we move forward it takes us back to the past to be able to restore what was broken in order to move forward again.  This is where we are.  We have fully crossed into the Age of Aquarius which anchors in New Earth “Consciousness”. 🥳

New Earth is NOT a place. In order to connect to New Earth we must “BE” New Earth by holding that frequency within.  When we hold the frequency within our outer reality can shift.  What we see with our physical eyes is created by our timeline choices. If we choose higher realities to play in we get magical realms and faeries appear, if we choose lower realities we will stay aligned with the old Earth frequencies experiencing pain & suffering until we realize it’s our creation and shift.

NO ONE is leaving the Earth unless they choose to exit their physical experience. We all choose to be here to play in the polarity & duality held in the Earths field. With this shift the polarity changes offer us greater opportunity to create magical everything.

Remember, the magic is within us.  No one holds our magic, no one can give us magic. It’s up to us to be magic through desire and focused attention / intention towards that which we desire.

How do we shift higher and raise our frequency in order to experience magic? We play!! Being creative is the fast track.  Dance, sing, music, meditation, yoga, art etc.  We must be playful and let go of restriction and self perceived limitations.

We have arrived! Let’s celebrate and continue to walk this journey together in magical New Earth realms. I love you ❤️