Can our body be our boss?  Can it know exactly what it’s doing each time we feel exhausted, nauseous, dizzy, floaty, wired, tired, emotional without cause, full of mucus / phlegm, having headaches and / or body aches as well as a ton of other types of discomfort?

Is it possible that in that moment our body is working through something?

Could it be figuring out how to “eject” an emotion, thought or action from our field which was created by our unconscious behavior at the helm?

Could it also be that our body knows it needs to act fast, “spontaneously“ reacting in a manner that triggers us into fear of something being “wrong” with us?

Could we also say that our spontaneous “reaction” to this discomfort created by our body in its effort to “autocorrect” an energy block, unintentionally being created through our unconscious behaviors, then focuses us in the direction of what our body is trying to do to resolve the issue?  We then become involved thinking our human knows better than our body? This is ego showing up.

Could we also say that in our ability to focus on the discomfort we are actually “getting in the way” of our body’s natural ability to take care of said problem?

Did you know the body has a natural ability to take care of whatever problem arises? When our cells become jammed up with too many toxins they begin to dump them in what’s called a “cellular cleanse”.  This can make us feel sick, like we are coming down with or catching something, neither is true.  Our body is purging at a cellular level in response to what’s been created in its experience through our human condition.

Did you know that aside from feeling sick during a cellular cleanse / purge we can cry spontaneously, wake up with mucus or phlegm, release tiny crystal (crystalline) particles from our eyes that make them feel scratchy, and the list could run on forever.  This is our body and because it didn’t come with a “manual” we don’t really understand just how high tech and amazing it is!

When we feel less than what we’d like in our experience of being us our job, as a co-pilot to our body, is to get out of the way.  Let go and rest, trust that our body was built in such a high tech way it doesn’t need us to do anything more than to stop what we’re doing and REST.

Do you know that when we are in “resistance” to surrendering our thoughts, words and actions in order to create the change we desire we begin to feel pain and suffering?  Pain forms in our physical body through resistance.  All we need to do is let go, we only hang on because we believe we must, which is a “false belief”.

Our body is created in the likeness of Source consciousness and is a gift of Gaia, we are of her and she us.  Our body is all knowing.

More to ponder… We are constantly working on our “healing” process, what does that really say? If we pay attention to the word “heal” we see it means something is not “sound or healthy”.  We have been using that word for centuries and have embedded it in our vocabulary and now our belief system.  Our belief about needing healing in all ways then creates the programs we run saying we must constantly be on our “healing journey or path” which is actually reinforcing to ourselves, unintentionally, that we are not whole, and will not be whole or can never be whole without constant action…. “healing”. The result of this thinking is actually the “disempowerment” of our body’s ability to autocorrect whatever it needs to on it’s own through it’s very high level high tech process without our interference.  We are constantly reinforcing an unhealthy belief that we are not enough as we are, we must heal something / anything to be in constant flow and alignment.  This has been our greatest downfall, unconsciously reinforcing a belief that we are not enough as we are.  We do not need to heal anything as we are already whole. If we shift how we speak we shift how we feel. Our body knows the way!

Our body is powerful and we, human / ego, must get out of the way.  Our job is not to fix the body when it’s responding to a problem our job is to work on our thoughts, emotions and actions in order to be a better co-pilot / team player to our body because it’s more spectacular than we give it credit.  It is, after all, a Source creation! 😉

Ascension has created a whole new awareness for us with regard to our body.  As we activate more of our new crystalline light body technology we are going to feel things / become aware of our “growing pains” as our body does its thing to get us into the higher level light frequencies so we can be in states of 5D+.  We are evolving from a carbon based body to a silica / crystalline light body…. imagine that?  The most important part of this journey is to have a “go with the flow” attitude and surrender to what makes us feel uncomfortable.  This is where our healing comes from, there’s actually nothing “to do”.  Surrender, let go and enjoy the journey. It’s not a marathon, do not try to rush the process. We must be allowing and patient with our body as we go through this process. Self love is a critical part of the process.  We must show up for ourselves in love and compassion everyday.  Let go and let love lead the way. I love you ❤️