This little guy flew right at me then landed on the railing next to me.

When Dragonfly’s show they bring with them wisdom of change and learning through experience. It’s about possessing the power of the light!

His color is black & white, very fitting for all the emotional upheaval taking place through this energy of death & rebirth to resurrection. It’s a reminder that there must be “balance” in ALL things. When things are out of balance the Law of One will bring it back to balance.

We must lead with a compassionate heart and look beyond what appears as a limitation.  There is no more room for judgment no matter what.  When we judge another we judge ourselves. If you are playing into a paradigm of judgment you are dipping into 3D, of which we are witnessing the dismantling. Ask yourself is this really mine or something needing to clear / heal and act accordingly.  Be conscious of all that is presenting.  Stay present, everything is here to support us in this historic shift we are about to under go.

Let’s hold light, we’re about to have a sonic light boom! (Timing is not mine, timelines are moving super fast so I’m not predicting but soon)
Be love for yourself first, be love for everyone else no matter who, what or where. We are all united as souls through one God / source / Prime Creator or whatever you’d like to call it. I’m here with you, we are shifting higher! I love you ️