We are in a constant state of upgrade due to the new Ascension codes released on July 4th. These new codes are bringing to the surface everything that can not longer stay locked into the physical form.

For some, in order to release what is no longer in vibrational alignment it will be long periods of downtime/ rest, for others who are more aware and doing their work to keep up with the flow of their personal changes it will mean a continual allowing to flow with whatever’s arising. For others not awake at all, still choosing to stay locked into a belief system which says “things can only be done or go a certain way” it may mean the onset of a sudden crisis to get their attention.

In each moment your thoughts, words, and actions effect your outcome in your life experience since those thoughts, words, and actions you are using assist you in jumping timelines on a continuous cycle throughout your day without your full awareness you must come into awareness and choose more wisely. If you’re not standing in awareness of what you are creating in each moment and your thoughts, actions and words are not consistently pointing to a higher vibrational timeline you may feel as though you’re on an emotional roller coaster that takes you up, down, in and out.

Timelines hold a vibration, when you slip into a lower timeline something you’re focused on may take a turn for the worse and when you’re in a higher timeline it appears as if life is handing you everything you desire with ease and grace.

Recognizing what’s being created by you in every moment is critical to ascending into a higher timeline / higher vibration, feeling better / happier and more aligned in your day to day experience.

Now that you’re aware of how you’re spending your energy will you spend it more wisely? The more you resist the changes (UPGRADES) we are going through the more you will feel the effects play out in not only events in your life but also in your physical body.

Resistance = Pain
Awareness / Allowing = Joy

You decide in each second through your next word, thought or action what is unfolding as you go. You are the creator of it all. Be a “deliberate conscious co-creator” with your Universe and step into joy. How you ask? Very simple…love yourself in everything you do. If it’s not in your best interest don’t engage. It’s about you, you are the key you your happiness. It’s an inside job that needs you at the helm navigating your experience.

Be love in all you do so you can pass the “codes” of love on to others so they can receive and unlock theirs and do the same. We are all here to assist each other but it starts with you first. I love you