While I tuned out of what I felt transpiring yesterday in the turmoil of the events at hand I made a new YouTube video, worked and then
found myself drawn to try my hand at painting this little red fox nestled in the snow from a photo I received a while back.  I felt very
intimidated painting an animal but felt so strongly called to it that I thought “heck, why not?’  If it turned into a disaster no one was going to
see it but me so away I went first sketching it out, and then painting with watercolor.

This morning as I was looking at my painting I was musing at why I picked a red fox at this time, more importantly was why I would paint the
fox in the snow all comfy and content.  Then it dawned on me that foxes hold the energy of Divine Feminine, they hold the magic of camouflage, shapeshifting and invisibility. The are extremely cunning and patient when they are planing their move.  The fox, unbeknownst to me, until this mornings musings on it, is also abut creating through its ability with its innate magic. Since foxes live mostly in woods it uses the energy of the trees and the fairy realm to create its ability to be invisible until it desires to be seen.  They sit quietly, patiently watching everything as they wait for the right moment to reveal themselves.  Until then they will use their wiles of charm to draw you into their magic.

Does fox energy speak to you?  Do you have patience, practice the magic of camouflage to nestle in and observe, do you have the ability to
shift and be in flow?  Are you an observer of all things, especially your surroundings?  This is the energy of the fox.  It knows the importance
of being in the “right moment” and only jumps to action then.  The fox is patient and kind but never underestimate it, for it’s cunning mind is never still, it knows timing is everything.

I had not idea when I started painting this little fox it would hold so much magical energy.  See how you can apply fox energy to you life right now. I now see from painting this fox and calling in the magic of what it’s conveying to us that I’ve always been in the magic of the fox especially from the observer perspective.  This energy can help us align to the events unfolding now as we sit patiently in our own energy of creation and witness the greatest shift in the history of our Earth.  This time we are in requires us to hold the magic in the higher timelines of creation in order to assist Gaia and humanity with this transition into the Golden Age.  There is no-thing to do except be, this is the magic of the fox.  Watch as an observer to the miracles that are unfolding.  Playing in the lower levels of distortion will only get you more of that.

Today, be like the fox, nestle in.  Tune out of the outer reality and go within. Hold the desire and intention for the outcome you would like to
experience regardless of what you think you see playing out around you. This is the illusion, bypass it for the creation of you within as a
Divine Co-creator with your Universe.  We, on an individual level, play a greater roll as our individual choices feed our collective experience.
You are the power, love, appreciation etc you are seeking.  Be the fox, it knows it’s magic!