All day yesterday into last night we had very strong Gamma Light Frequency activating our light body. Our Neurological system was getting a work out!  Many were feeling it, some even shared their picture with me after I posted mine showing how Gamma can appear.  As an FYI, It also targets the Immune system.

When we are trying to sleep at night Gamma feels like an “electrical” current running through our body, we’ll mostly feel it in our hands & fingers. It can make our “healing“ hands feel amplified times a thousand. This light supports our spiritual evolution.

We also had Photonic Light blasts coming through.  Photonic light breaks through illusion. It works deep within our electromagnetic field to assist in releasing the generational imprints we hold within. It bends distortions brining them to the surface so Plasma light frequency can lift the distortion out like Roto Rooter which is why our stomach gurgles and we go from hot to cold to hot etc over and over again. Cold = contraction which we are clearing Hot = expansion as we move into higher consciousness.

When we lay in bed in the quiet night and tune into our field we can feel the “bursts” of Photonic light / Plasma light hit us. It’s like something out of a Star Wars movie. Sometimes I’ll feel it work through my whole field. It happens quickly.  When it’s strong it’s not as fun and can feel like someone shot you in your chest (targets the heart center) with a photon gun.

Last night was that night. Heavier than normal.  I could feel it hit my heart center (we are in higher heart) and go straight up to my third eye / crown. We are in Expansion right now. If you look at the Schumann Resonance it should be obvious, the collective is being blasted awake (Gamma).  We do not have to wake the sleepers, it’s not our job to make them see. Our job is to hold the light so more of this can occur in order for the collective to shift. This is how it works.  If we feel we “MUST” anything, that is EGO. Ego must this and must that. Ego is where “guilt” comes from.  We are clearing guilt right now more than ever.  I had that release back in 2015, it took 3 years to really move beyond which is why I don’t feel the need to write or do a video every single day.  That’s ego wanting us to do that for its own glorification. It’s all part of the game we’ve been playing. The Energy was much slower back then, it’s lightning speed now, you will clear it faster.

As I was going through my paces relaxing and slowing the momentum of my thoughts to enter dream state I did what I normally do, expanded my field out into the cosmos which is really within, and felt myself become connected to my future self.  It’s a higher version of myself beyond my higher self that I’ve connected to countless times, especially during my encounter with cancer.  After several blasts of light to my field I received a message saying I was moving into a higher vibratory state & timeline.  I’m always happy to hear that. As I was drifting to sleep I popped into my future timeline and got a glimpse of what’s to come.  Magical, pure bliss for ALL choosing the higher timelines, not just me.  This is the time to make the choice.

This morning I woke up to stillness.  It was dead quiet.  There was no traffic, no birds nothing, only the stillness of the crickets which are “quantum” jumpers.  They hold the quantum light, this is why we are now hearing them during the day and not just at night. The stillness represents another shift in Gaia.  When Gaia shifts, everything is still, everything is quiet.  We are shifting higher again.

Today, make time to see the unseen, see the illusion of what you believe to be real.  This is the time to begin to anchor into the higher timeline.  We must make the choice… do we continue to offer strength to 3D by keeping it in our field, we carry that energy when we do, or do we turn away realizing it’s just a “figment” of our imagination 😉 that is created by us through the beliefs we’ve been imprinted with that cause us to believe it as true.

We must retrain ourselves to see a higher version of the reality we want to see.  I don’t know about you but I’m tired of this old one, it’s time for it to go!! We are powerful creators, no one ever told you that because it would give you authority over yourself.

The first step is in watching our Words, they “cast” they reality we experience, choose them wisely.  Thoughts set the stage.  Not everything we think is from ourselves.  Thoughts come from many sources, it’s important to tune in so we can discern what is of our higher self.  Our actions are the momentum by which our reality plays out.  Don’t do something “just because”, that always gets us into trouble.

We must become a conscious observer.  See everything, hold awareness and take in only what is reflective of the higher timeline.  We must choose so let’s choose to compassion, especially for ourselves by practicing self care we can achieve this.  Be light, be love and let’s see everyone who shows up as a reflection of ourselves so we can heal all within as well as without. I love you ❤️