Happy April 1st!  Pure Crystalline Light purifying our very being.  Gaia is going through massive shifts / purging, which means we are doing the same.  The inorganic timeline is collapsing.  It can no longer sustain in the higher light.  What Gaia goes through we go through, these next 12 weeks are very important in our personal as well collective transformation. We must see all timelines presenting and choose our reality carefully. If you haven’t been paying attention, now’s the time to focus.

The Crystalline light will intensify through to the June Soulstice along with SOULar cosmic light.  Our body receives this light, which works through our emotions, mental state, our organ systems, nervous systems, blood, lymph etc. which affects our body in a bazillion different ways through DNA upgrades / activations.  Headaches, neck aches, third eye / eye pressure, nausea, vertigo, fatigue, anxiety, bones / jaw / teeth ache, confusion, heating up to freezing, tingling in different areas of our body as our energy body / light body wakes up and so much more happening consistently.

Why does this happen? Why do we have discomfort? We are transcending our old carbon based body to a silica light body.  We are taking our body with us as we ascend our consciousness. This is a huge undertaking. It takes a lot to maintain the higher light frequencies consistently in order not to go unconscious again.

This light interaction activates our light body which can make us feel sleepy, wired, anxious, angry, weepy and more as the particle matter in our body becomes heated up with “excitement” from the high light frequency. This excitement makes our body’s particle matter bump into each other much like what happens when water begins to boil.  This is what activates our light body.  Each will feel it according to their own personal experience.

This action / activation is creating an opportunity for all distortion to come to the surface to be cleared.  How does it get cleared?  By our state of presence through our ability to maintain consciousness.  This is our job now, staying conscious requires our being present for all we are thinking, speaking and doing. We are creating the reality we’re experiencing in each second. Our reality is not created by another’s actions, our reality is OUR responsibility.  We must maintain it.

How do we maintain a higher level reality?  We Do NOT become distracted by the outer world.  The distraction of what’s playing out on the world stage, on the Oscar stage too, is meant to keep us focused out there so we we’re  not allowing time for ourselves to go deeper within in order to receive this amazing light, receive the codes necessary to activate key codes within.  If we don’t go deeper within we’ll have a more challenging time accessing  our higher states of consciousness because we’re not tuning to it in order to know how it feels which will create a more challenging time in our reality experience.

If we don’t know how it feels to connect with our higher consciousness we can’t access it in order to shift out of the old paradigms / illusions that are now deconstructing, and we get caught in the trap.  Everything is speeding up as the old ways, patterns, paradigms etc will no longer be supported in this higher light.  Be prepared for quick shifts in reality.  Go with the flow. Do not get caught up dwelling in any of it.  See it, yell NEXT! and keep moving.  It’s the 3D theater crumbling.  Do not get caught in the rubble, do not share it. Sharing is frequency based.  Sharing lower level information / content just attracts more of that to us. We are caught in the lower level loop cycle of 3D.  Life will appear to be and feel challenging.  It never seems to end… that’s because WE must end it by letting go completely by seeing it has not value, not even in sharing it.

If you find yourself ruminating on things / people who are not in your reality STOP! You are caught in the manipulation factor of the false / inorganic timeline that wants your attention to keep you in the game of illusion longer (3D).  This is what unconsciousness looks like, it tunes to the outer world and gets caught up in the swiftly changing narratives.  It feeds worry, lack, victim and scarcity programs.

Being conscious is our only job, it requires practice 24/7 until we get the hang of it, then we never go unconscious again.

We must stay present and be an observer to our thoughts, words, actions and emotions. This Crystalline passage way is taking us right through the Soulstice in June.  Let’s stay in “consistent celebration” of these amazing shifts by being present to witness the magic unfolding around us.  I love you! ❤️