A Star, a God Spark showing us everything is ok if you look here and not there.  Stay in the highest light, the heaviest clearing of timelines is unfolding. Do not get caught up in narratives that are not part of your present reality, stay out of the movie unless you have a direct roll as an actor, supporting actor or “crisis” actor.  Each soul chose their roll for how this experience unfolds.  Don’t unintentionally attract what you don’t want. Thoughts, words and actions send energy into motion…. What we think, we are / become / receive. Things show up at lightning speed now due to these higher light frequencies.  Law of Attraction / Law of One, hold positive thoughts.

The energies are going to keep shifting, asking us to shift and find our balance in each moment.  Awareness keeps us present to anchor the light, when we forget and go unconscious our human suffers in its experience of being human so don’t do that. Unconscious is not where we want to be.

As these frequencies continue to amplify it may feel more uncomfortable so move your body, hydrate and rest when possible. We are experiencing “expansion of consciousness” and at the same time we are clearing the most challenging timelines (parallel realities) yet.  The body may need more rest to upgrade. We got this! I love you ❤️