We are in the midst of a significant shift, probably one of the biggest shifts yet.  As you know from my prior posts timelines have been merging / alchemizing and integrating to bring us all into this now moment.  We’ve healed so much over the last few years on a collective level as well as a personal level that has brought us to this now moment.  This is where it’s important to be conscious and aware of what we are creating in each moment.  Are we ready to “step up” on an individual level to anchor in a higher / greater collective experience?

While many of us have integrated past, and future timelines into this present moment now, many are working through a “mis-alignment” of energy, now running “parallel timelines” through choices being made in how they are wanting to view their reality.  Those parallel timelines hold pain and suffering, as well as restriction.  In the physical experience there is a inability to move forward as we lock into the belief that “it must play out this way” in order for us to move forward again.  Some are pushing beyond that belief calling up “warrior” energy in order for us to choose ourselves this time around and heal those old parallel timelines where we didn’t make that choice and gave up our freedom.  These timelines will run parallel until we open our eyes in order to see what is really our truth so we can step up and choose higher allowing the parallel timelines to merge. This can make things feel extremely intense, especially in the physical body. If we’re in resistance our body will present pain in order for us to let go and shift. (Go back to my posts from last June 29th & Aug 20th to understand how it all works)

May is a 5 energy, it holds change but most of all it holds FREEDOM.  I felt this and wrote about it back in January.  We are splitting timelines again.  Bifurcation of 4D/5D.  Today is extremely significant in that we are in a total “5” vibration through May = 5, today the 5th day add it together 5+5=10 now add the year  4 (2020)=14  1+4=5.

5 is CHANGE, today is a great day to make the choice to step out of our comfort zone and ask ourselves “what is really going on?” “Why is this really happening?”  It’s really not about the virus, the government etc, this is about us understanding from the deepest place within that it’s now time for those of us still choosing what’s playing out as our reality to start asking ourselves “Is this where I desire to be?” Thoughts, words and actions create our reality.  We did our spiritual ascension the last 7 years, we / Gaia are in physical ascension now.  Isn’t it interesting that we are all “sitting still”, in a holding pattern?   What does this mean? Why is this presenting at this time?  Could it be we are waiting for those who have not chosen higher to catch up???  Could it be that the more light we anchor into our physical the more light we feed Gaia and all of humanity as well as those who can not do the work fully yet because they are carrying parallel timelines needing our support in order to integrate them?

Today on this 5:5 day of change and freedom ask yourself, can I stay in this place of limbo for another second or is my universe making it so uncomfortable for me that I must let go of the fear and compliancy I’m holding in order to stand in my power and integrate those parallel timelines of suffering.  If each is willing to choose themselves above restrictions seeing ourselves as an unlimited being who is a Divine co-creator with our universe as a fractal of Source energy we will move beyond our fear to heal those past timelines we have not integrated and shift into the higher realms and exit the matrix.

The choice is ours, it’s always been ours.  We must be love for ourselves as we are pushing through this experience healing the deepest parts (incarnations/ timelines) of our past in order to create the physical experience of Golden Age of Unity consciousness we have been creating in our minds these past years.  It’s time to move those thoughts into reality combing and them with our words and actions, remember thoughts alone don’t create our reality we must use thoughts in unison with words and actions in order to manifest our desires. See the bigger picture and choose higher.  Be expansive, reach for the stars and most importantly be love, be love for yourself first so you can transmit that love out to everyone around you.  Our frequency (vibration) will be felt by all and we will be part of the solution in healing Gaia as well as ourselves.  We are in a time of great awakening.  Stay present and choose higher.  Feed love not fear.  This story has an amazing ending, it can not be changed. How we experience it at an individual level is up to us so choose love so love will be what’s reflected back at you.  I love you! ️