A Startgate opened Friday, March 12th that is leading us into our Equinox passageway March 20th which is going to be much different this year than years passed. You may be feeling it more than you ever have due to the Earth’s magnetic field constantly in flux.  These Plasma Solar waves are affecting both the Earth and our physical body.  The Plasma affects the water in our body, when we receive these intensified waves it makes our body vibrate faster / higher which is similar to water boiling on the stove.  The molecules etc. within us bump into each other and can cause unrest in our physical experience.  Some of these physical experiences can include:

Lightheadedness / nausea – our field is adjusting to the higher spin rate

Skin rashes / itchy – crystalline star particles kick up and out of the body as we shift to light body.

Sugar cravings – light body activating needing the sugar for fuel

Hearing / tones – different light frequencies sound different, tune in and pay attention, they are tuning your light body (frequency)

Floaty – feels like we are floating upwards having the sensation that gravity is going.  We do not want to ground into Gaia, we want to work through this discomfort as this will become our natural state of being.

Electrical charges (hands / fingers / legs) – our nervous system is being re-wired

Heart palps / anxiety / pressure – our heart is in expansion as the heart center is activating to open more

Spontaneous crying – the cells of the heart are purging, tears are a cellular cleanse

Memory issues (especially remembering the past) – template wipe to match the new template of Gaia for 5D consciousness.  This creates a NOW state of being.

Neck / shoulder pain – light codes entering to create a shift higher as our cellular body is being upgraded from a carbon-based body to a crystalline light body.

Flashing lights with eyes closed – this is the unification process of the two hemispheres of our brain.

Muscs / phlegm – it carries deep seated / rooted programming out of our body

Bones / aches – bones represent our structural support.

We are moving at “Quantum” speed as all is being aligned on a collective level.  This feels like the final “rite of passage” where all willing hearts step into a new expression of themselves as more becomes revealed to each individually as well as on a collective level.  We must surrender the past in order to create and step into NEW everything.  Old ways cannot be supported in these higher frequencies.

We must learn to be more playful.  Play is how we access our creator states.  Play can be many things like dance, a hike, painting, drawing, music or photography.  I’m seeing so many of you having amazing new experiences through the pictures you are taking where the higher (5D) timeline is producing interesting energies showing up.  I’m noticing more presenting through pictures lately, it’s no longer one scenario but many at the same time.  I received an email with a photo from a beautiful soul taking my class and saw many different energies / beings in it.  In others I see many different timelines, dimension / portals and gateways offering interesting energies to explore only to come back to that same picture an hour later and everything with regard to what we originally saw in the energies has changed as we are now experiencing the picture and life in a multi-dimensional way.

We must show up and be present.  We can no longer look at the illusion playing out around us as if it was reality.  The illusion is the representation of giving our power away where we are not in control of what we desire to experience, and life becomes chaotic.  We must tune into our creator states through being present.  We must start to notice the shifts in frequencies we feel in our body, hear in our ears / heart and brain.  We can feel these frequencies tuning / recalibrating us higher if we choose to pay attention.  This energy is re-coding the planetary consciousness taking it into an expanded state of awareness through a multi-dimentional experience.

The solar crystalline plasma light frequency has us in a state of expansion, we choose how we experience it.  Choose to let go, surrender to old, outdated ways / beliefs and make time for you.  Let go of resistance and be in flow.  Get out onto Gaia, put your feet on the ground to feel her essence as Gaia, she is part of us and we are her.  Make time to mediate, hydrate, rest and most of all nurture yourself. With each choice ask yourself does this serve the highest good and hold the alignment of love for me?  Do I feel grace and ease as I navigate through this choice?  Do I feel blissful and free?

It’s important now more than ever to avoid distractions, they will derail us if we are not focusing on higher heart aligned choices.  This next month is going to present some challenging energies and revelations as well as opportunities for greater, deeper shift into love consciousness.  Remember it starts with us, we must be the change we desire, we must lead the way by example and hold love for those doing their best during this passageway.  Be love for yourself first so you can be love for another.  We are in amazing times!  Access those higher timelines, stay in your creator state and let’s do this!  I love you <3