For those of you asking me privately my thoughts on what’s going on with the Biden win I thought I’d offer my “timeline” perspective here, this is not my “personal opinion”, I’m in divine neutrality and don’t play into judgement of good bad right wrong. We are in a “collective” shift based on a “collective soul agreement”.  I’m writing on behalf of this collective experience.

First, I support Trump because that is the “timeline” associated with the Golden Age, our Ascension into our Christed state of being. This is what is important to me.  I’m focused on the timelines and not the 3D illusion playing out.

For those still sifting and sorting through good bad right wrong with an “emotional” charge to all that is unfolding you are on the wrong timeline for your ascension.  Feeling into the Biden win as right is feeding the distortion of “3D”.  I want to encourage those struggling here to go into a deeper exploration within their heart center to see that the darkness is being fed. Perception is very powerful but it can be tricky if you are not tuning in with the higher self / higher state of being (heart center) but tuning in from the mind and ego.  If you are emotional to the outcome you are in ego because you are judging this win as wrong.

In order to step out of the illusion one must choose to experience the now. From the point of present moment you can understand there is no anything beyond what you are creating. The story line that is the intricate interwoven web of the 3D matrix is being dissolved.  If you are focused on Biden as the next president I encourage you to go deep within to see where you’re attachment to the distortion of manipulation, abuse of power, fear etc are part of your current reality in your personal life.

If you are choosing the Trump timeline you are choosing Freedom, which is amplified right now in both the light frequencies coming into our plant and bodies as well as the reveal of the manipulation, abuse of power and control through fear tactics as being revealed through the “voter fraud” that is about to be brought into the light.

I do not choose a “man, title or party”, I choose the ENERGY to determine what feels most highly aligned with where I need to focus my energy.  This is not about the election, this is about each one of us taking back our personal power as a sovereign being, on all levels within all dynamics including personal relationships, and raise our vibration into the 5D New Earth consciousness where no one is left out or left behind.  If you are still playing the Democrat / Republican game you are playing the game of SEPARATION… period!  Let go of the emotional charge to the outcome because it IS already chosen and will bring us into 5D+ aligning with the Golden Age of Aquarius.  It can not be stopped, however, you are not doing the work to integrate the energies of these highest timelines requiring our full attention if you are playing out to the “emotional” charge of the election. You are still feeding 3D, choose to see beyond and shift higher.

I choose timelines not people.  Train yourself to see the field of Infinite possibilities and you will never have to rely on anyone else to see your highest outcome. ❤️