Signs — Spirit Guides, Angels & Loved Ones


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Join me and my amazing Co-host Bobbi Allison, Psychic / Medium as we walk you through a process of self-discovery and connect you to your own innate ability to receive signs.

Do you ever see a penny or a feather and wonder if it’s a sign? Or maybe you see a message or numbers on license plates, or experience birds, butterflies etc. that keep crossing your path.

If you’ve been wondering the answers to these questions, you’re in the right place! In this class we are going to discuss how YOU hold the key to bringing the signs to you, in fact you hold many keys you are probably not even aware of and once you become aware you can begin to turn the key to unlock the secrets of the universe. We will answer questions like:

  • Why do loved ones who cross over send us signs?
  • How do we know we’re receiving a sign?
  • What types of signs are there?
  • Asking for the opposite for validation (ie. If its winter ask for a sign to do with summer)
  • How large/small can a sign be?

We will show you how easy it is to ask for and receive signs using the ABC’s of Signs:

  • Ask
  • Be aware
  • Collect the data

We will also discuss why it’s important to be present and in the NOW in order to receive signs. When we are present for Spirit, Spirit is present for us. We’ll look at why we need to deepen connection to our inner Spiritual GPS and why it’s important to have your Spiritual GPS on. We will also discuss:

  • How to connect with Spirit
  • How appreciation is important to receiving signs
  • How accessing our higher self opens the “frequency airwaves” by raising your “antenna” to further deepen your connection
  • How all the pre-work signals Spirit that you are tuned in… “Ready, set go!!!”

In this class you will see how easy it is to make the adjustments needed through the tools we offer that make it feel as easy as it sounds. Taking the steps necessary to propel yourself to higher vibrations equals greater awareness and connections to your Universe which ultimately puts you on your Souls path to your Spiritual Evolution / Ascension. We look forward to having you join us for this fun filled, jam packed live interactive gathering.

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