Dismantling The Illusion

EVERYTHING “has been” created by us in the 3rd Dimension and now we are uncreating it, DISMANTLING our old creation / reality / ILLUSION because it can not move with us into the higher timeline of 5D.‬

‪Creation through duality & polarity can not maintain its frequency, it pulls ‬ ‪apart which is really “us”, our human pulling apart because the new frequencies are asking us to go against everything we know & believe of our creation in 3D. ‬

‪Pulling out of the matrix requires all new ways of BEing, we must learn to share, care, love and believe again. ‬ ‪ Our templates are wiped through upgrades and we begin to see / experience new ways of being / thinking / feeling.  We are able to see our creation, all of it even the pain & suffering we’ve caused ourselves through our belief that pain & suffering must be felt. ‬

‪We must open ‬our heart and allow ourselves to begin to see the old reality we created is not our truth so we can choose a better, more aligned reality with our desires.‬

‪We Keep our heart open to new experiences. When we feel threatened by something new wanting to replace something old ‬and feel resistance, that is EGO wanting to stay in the game which keeps US in the game. Challenge your belief system and look to accept the easier path.‬

‪5D is unity consciousness.  We do not struggle, that is below in the old matrix.  We must allow ourselves to be creative‬ ‪and let go of anything confining us so we can become present moving into expansion and stay present never abandoning ourselves to a false belief again. ‬

‪Be everything you desire and more, enjoy these energies this day, you will never have today’s experience again