Creation & Rebirth

Last night was painful as we cleared deep seeded wounds of our past to make room for Our / Gaia’s rebirth through our own creative forces brought forth through our conscience participation in creating through the higher timelines activating Infinity codes & Freedom codes.  Everything pulled up and out supporting transformation away from old outdated beliefs, patterns, programs now being clearly realized as holding no truth of who we believed ourselves to be at our core.

Today a childlike energy can be felt as we tune higher Into creator timelines.  Tuning in may make us feel as though the weight of the world has released in some way, replaced with a light feeling of simpler times where we didn’t feel crowded out.  These higher timelines hold the seeds of creation, we think it therefore we are… instantly.  There is no efforting. We are tapping into our birthright, and in turn, through our intention hold the ability to harvest these seeds of intention, planted now, in the spring when we are ready to emerge from the womb and celebrate our creation.

We are creating through each thought, word & action.  Be present to create from the highest timelines and get ready for amazing to unfold. We are under a New Moon in Leo today aligning soul families/ groups & mates, new beginnings now.  Feel it, the energy is lighter. We still have the rest of this gateway through the 27th so let yourself be playful in a way you haven’t and watch what can happen. Remember, this is your story, the next chapter is whatever you write into the script so make it good!!

Gaia is supporting us in every step we take.  She is accepting, embracing & nurturing our seeds.  What are you planting for your spring time harvest?

I’ll start… I’m planing seeds oh LOVE ❤️ I love you