Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” They are circular spirals of energy that interact with our physical body through the layers of our energy field and are located in specific areas running down the spine of the body in both the back and front. Chakras are said to be the key to physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity. They serve as a connection between our mind, body and soul. Chakras are points from which energy moves in and out of the body; they are a master switch for the movement and disbursement of energy. We take energy in from all forms around us and release what we do not need or have used.  They are also the key point for helping us develop our intuition.

ChakrasThe seven chakras in the body are the:
First:  Root / Red / Grounding, fight or flight
Second:  Sacral / Orange /  Creative
Third: Solar Plexus / Yello /  Power Center
Fourth: Heart / Green / Relatioships
Fifth: Throat / Light Blue / Speak or Truth, will power
Sixth: Third Eye / Indigo /  Seeing clearly
Seventh: Crown / White or Purple / Connection to Source

Each chakra rotates or spins at its own frequency and has a front and back which is shaped like conical funnels with the point of contact at the spine. Each chakra regulates a different aspect of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.  The energy field is intimately associated with a person’s health and well-being.

Most diseases are initiated in the energy field and are then, through time and living habits, transmitted to the body, becoming disease and serious illness.  This is where we marry a thought and emotion and hold that feeling and thought bringing it into the body over and over again.  This process is known as a Strong Hold belief.

When the body moves into a state of dis-ease it stands to reason that disease will manifest in the body. An illness in our body points to or relates to an illness in our entire being. For instance the color of the Root / Base Chakra is red and the aspect is grounding spiritual energy. Physically it deals with fight or flight mentally, it houses attitudes of territory, primal instincts for survival, family value, religious beliefs, belonging, separation and your right to your own space. The emotional body houses aggression, anger, fear, survival. The spiritual aspect is security. Health issues related to the root chakra can include addictions and compulsions, nervous system diseases or disorders, family dysfunctions etc.

In these times of uncertainty with all there is going on in the world we are finding ourselves more stressed than ever before. It’s important not to loose sight of the importance of taking care of yourself to ensure that you remain healthy and balanced of mind, body and emotions.  Nourishing the spiritual body is as important as feeding the physical body and vice versa.