Light Language

Light language is a multidimensional language of love and light which is understood by each person in their own unique and individual way at the soul level through the Higher Self. Light Language is an Alchemal frequency that contains light encodements carrying a deeply layered transmission of information for healing and activating DNA. It bypasses the mental mind because it will not be understood it in a logical way since it is felt at the deepest level in the body through frequencies contained in it as you are using or receiving it either by speaking or toning with it. It’s meant to be received through the heart center because it speaks directly to your heart, where your soul can then receive and transform this beautiful transmission of information that must be felt to be received. Through Light Language I’m able to provide an activation that will create the opportunity for a healing, clearing, re-balancing, and alignment moving past the mental / emotional constructs and blocks that are holding you back. Light Language is a powerful healing tool for Light workers. It is something we all have access to as our own innate mother language through our Higher Self. We can also connect to our Galactic families in this way.

I began to receive Light Language in my head, first through tones, while I was blowing my hair dry on Christmas morning 2017. I was feeling a buildup of energy in my body, mostly my throat, which went away as soon as I began to make the sound of the tones. About two weeks later I was doing laundry talking to my kitten who had followed me and began speaking to her in a sort of gibberish or so I thought. A few days after that I was in the shower getting ready for work when I just felt all of this energy again hearing the tones, and as I started making the tones I suddenly began to speak Light Language. I felt so happy! It feels so beautiful to speak and share with others through the language but also through toning / vocal sound healing. I’ve noticed my own healing and shift since I’ve been speaking it.

If you’d like to receive a Light Language as a healing please go to Intuitive Healing Session to purchase sessions.

To learn Light Language you can book a private session where I will do an activation to help you open to your ability to speak Light Language. In this session you will receive exercises that will assist you in opening your ability and clear the pathways to help you activate this beautiful healing tool within yourself.

Book a Light Language Activation Session | $150