Welcome to Our Monthly Membership Community!

There are currently three levels to choose from depending on how deep you are willing to immerse yourself in order to achieve a life that is abundant and fulfilling, where you get to choose your reality in each moment.
Each tier has a level of engagement to meet your needs in the experience you are seeking.


In the Pathway tier as a monthly subscriber, you will receive a message from Maria on the first of each month bringing you the guidance you’ll need to navigate the month ahead as well as a new meditation/activation to assist you in journeying deeper within. This tier is $11 a month.


Your second and more expanded option is the Gateway tier which gives you access to ALL the information in the Pathway tier plus, as a member of Gateway you’ll participate each month in a live real-time call each month through Zoom, where you’ll join me to go even deeper into what’s taking place on a cosmic level as well as how to navigate these ever-shifting energies were now living in along with some tools and an added bonus of a Q&A breakdown at the end. These calls will be recorded and stored in the Gateway community for you to access at any time as a Gateway member. You’ll also receive access to exclusive content released periodically by Maria which will be located in your dashboard. You won’t have to do a thing, everything will be right there to assist in your evolutionary journey. All of this for $22 a month.


The third option is the Mastery tier, our premium member option, which is for those of you looking to accelerate your awakening and go deep in order to clear out anything holding you back. This tier includes everything from the Pathway / Gateway levels plus as an added bonus, as a Mastery premium member you’ll receive a coupon code for 25% off any classes with me outside of this environment as well as anyone on one session you have with me. As a Premium member, you’ll have access to everything in the Pathway/Gateway tiers, plus the 25% discount for $33 a month.

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