Dreams — What do they mean?


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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Have you ever woken up from a dream and wondered “what did that dream mean?” or maybe you wake up and don’t remember dreaming and wonder why you don’t? Translating dreams can be very confusing and frustrating when we don’t understand the “why” behind the dream…yes that’s right I said the “why”.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • why we dream
  • where it happens
  • your Soul’s role
  • what “sleep paralysis” and “night terrors” are and why they happen
  • we’ll talk about common dreams pointing out where you are in your life experience
  • catastrophic dreams, cars, roads, buildings, pipes bursting / floods etc. as well as loved ones or exes.
  • why it feels so real and life like
  • why some dreams are bizarre and make no sense

We’ll also talk about some basic tools you can use to help you remember your dreams as well as a few other surprises.

This class is through Zoom and will be interactive so you will have an opportunity to ask questions.  Although this call will be video chat format you will receive the “audio” version of the replay, not the video.  If you are not able to be on the call live you will still receive a copy of the replay to listen to at your leisure.  Cut off for registration for the class is January 27 at 7pm.  Please make sure you register early to secure your seat.  I look forward to connecting with you!

Exchange fee: $33