Demystifying Alien Abductions


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Zeta Reticuli (Greys)

We have already had first contact, it’s been going on since the 40’s although the portrayal has always been from the “abductee” perspective and not from the soul aligned “Soul Contract” perspective. Yes all encounters are with your permission, believe it or not. Many of you want contact but are not aware that you hold great fear in your cellular memory for a number of reasons which is preventing you from raising your vibration and having the experience you are desiring in connecting with galactic beings but also with your guides, ascended masters, saints, higher self and Source.

In this gathering I will be sharing my knowledge on the Extraterrestrial race most know for these abductions, the Zeta Reticuli, whose involvement in the abduction process has been presented in a very fear based way coming through from the presentation / perspective of the human experience and not the perspective of the Soul Contract driving that experience.  There is another side that story that I would like to present which is the side I am most familiar with as having been a participant in their hybridization program. 

The purpose of this gathering is to:

  • Demystify abduction and clear fear surrounding contact
  • show you that you are already in contact with Extraterrestrials and are not aware of it because it’s not in a visceral way and how holding fear plays a roll
  • assist with remembering who you are, we’ve all been many types of Extra Terrestrials in many of our incarnations
  • help you see the fear you are warehousing “fear” in your mental / emotional bodies is creating barriers to you living your best life
  • See how the information you are holding onto has been distorted though the human information superhighway known as “memory recall” of an event that occurred as offered by another outside of your own experience
  • How the subconscious mind fills in the blanks to this extra-dimensional experience with 3 D knowledge which makes it hard to know the truth about the encounter
  • Dispel the myths of Extra terrestrial encounters and create healing where there is fear.

This class is for you if:

  • You feel or have felt as if you are being watched, especially at night
  • Have trouble being outside at night, especially in an unlit setting
  • Have always felt unsafe sleeping or a need to have the covers all the way up to your neck
  • Cringe when someone mentions extraterrestrial, galactic, alien etc
  • Have had difficulty with feeling comfortable in sexual relationships
  • Have dreams about being in a space ship or in the presence of an ET
  • Just want to know more about the Zetas!

I look forward to connecting with you to bring through information on this very interesting Galactic race known as the Zeta Reticuli as provided through my guide Neikon.

What you need to know if you are attending or planning to attend this gathering:

Registration closes at 9:30am EST on the 13th and class starts promptly at 11:00am EST. Please do not wait until the last minute to register as my system will not allow you to register after 9:30am EST.

You will receive two emails when you register, your Registration email contains the link for this class. Please do not delete it. If you registered and haven’t received your Registration email please check your spam folder, sometimes it goes to spam due to the “live” link for accessing class.

We are gathering through Zoom for a video interactive call, if this is your first time using Zoom please make sure you use the setup link in your email to set Zoom up on whatever device you are using. The link will walk you through the process, it’s super simple.

You will be able to ask questions during this gathering as well at the end. I ask that you be respectful of each other as well as where each is in their journey.

Everyone who purchases this class will receive an “audio only” downloadable replay within 24-48 hours after the class whether you are able to be with us on the live call or not.