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Creating New Earth Realms NOW!

2020 threw us into a timeout none of us was prepared for. It forced us to sit with ourselves and each other to see what we were creating as our reality. On a global level we were all equally aligned for the first time sharing information, showing up to support each other in this collective experience, however not everyone was having that supportive collective experience. Many were tuned away from their inner guidance focusing on the external narrative being presented to them, which was based in fear, as they listened for guidance of what may come. This made the experience difficult as chaos seemed the only choice in how to experience this new situation we were catapulted into. This is not the place from which creation happens or New Earth Realms can be accessed. It’s our choice, always! We can see this situation for what it is and use it to shift us or we can see it as a crisis presenting and lock into fear and restriction which is always accompanied by pain and suffering. The Earth reality we create for ourselves is based on our perception of how much control we have, and trust me, we are controlling all of it!! The level of control is determined by our Self Mastery level in knowing our self as Source Energy, a Divine Co-Creator with our Universe and more!

Creating a peace, happiness, balance and bliss in our lives is available to all of us and achieved through our perception of the amount of control we have as a co-creator with our Universe. If we see ourselves as Divine, one with Source we will realize that everything and anything is possible through our thoughts and intention. In order to create a higher aligned outcome in our reality where there is harmony, unity, love, support, caring and sharing we have to first see this is possible through accessing our TRUTH (higher self) within. Creating our New Earth experience requires our participation at a Quantum level. This means we must look at how we tuned in to the global crisis to see how we participated in order to understand what we need to shift to access the higher levels and work as a Divine Co-creator to release distortions held through old beliefs / narratives that no longer serve in the creation of our 5D New Earth experience.

This 8-week master series is an intensive focus within to assist us in sharpening our skills in order to use them to create the reality we desire, the reality we truly want to live and play in. Since Earth is already holding Quantum everything it requires us to focus on accessing our own Quantum levels on an individual level to support the collective experience.

In this class we are going to cover the following in no particular order as the energies are Quantum and I allow for the collective experience within the gathering to drive what is needing to come through for our highest experience as creators:

  • 2021: Change is the theme for this year, and there will be plenty of it!
    • Releasing distortion of old Earth to Anchor Realm 1 & 2 of New Earth
    • Understanding the Quantum field
    • Connecting and integrating our Higher Self / Future Self
    • Creating through Sacred Intention
    • Understanding / Applying Divine Neutrality in our day-to-day experience
    • Understanding Divine Free Will & the 9th Strand of DNA
    • Letting go of the external pull to go within and access our TRUTH within
    • Choosing Creation over Distraction
    • Meditations to help anchor the New Earth experience

Each week we will cover the energies presenting in order to align ourselves and anchor in the higher light frequencies. I will also cover the topic for the gathering as it presents based on our energy as a collective and as always, we will have Q&A during each class throughout these gatherings.

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Creating New Earth Realms NOW!

What you need to know if you are attending:

  • Registration for the Series closes on Wednesday Feb 10th at 6:30pm EST. If you are purchasing single classes, each week the registration closes at 6:30pm EST. Please do not wait until the last minute to register as my system will not allow you to register after 6:30pm EST.
  • Class starts promptly at 7:30pm EST.
  • You will receive two emails when you register, your Registration email contains the link for this class. Please do not delete it. If you registered and haven’t received your Registration email please check your spam folder, sometimes it goes to spam due to the “live” link for accessing class.
  • We are gathering through Zoom for a video interactive call, if this is your first time using Zoom please make sure you use the setup link in your email to set Zoom up on whatever device you are using. The link will walk you through the process, it’s super simple.
  • These gatherings are through Zoom with real time interaction. All are welcome no matter where you are in your journey. The only requirement to participate is that you come with an open heart, honor each in their journey and leave judgement and baggage at the door.
  • Everyone who purchases this class will receive an “audio only” downloadable replay within 24-48 hours after the class whether you are able to be with us on the live call or not.