Ascension Alchemy, Nov. 26th


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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Join me Tuesday, Nov 26th @ 7:30pm ET for Ascension Alchemy as I go over what we can expect with the upcoming 12:12 gateway, why this time is so important and how you can support yourself as well as your body for an easier time of navigating these intense energies to go with the flow. I’ll also be talking about the chakra system and what we can expect with regard to changes as we take on more crystalline light. We’ll also have time for questions along the way. So whether you are just awakening to your spiritual self / consciousness or you are already involved and on your path, this class will help you achieve a greater understanding of embodiment. This class will give you a safe environment to learn and grow your abilities. Each time we come together there will be new information for you to take away and develop as part of your process moving forward to to assist you in your journey.

This class in an on-line event through Zoom. Use the registration button below, please note the widow for registration closes a half hour prior to class time. Please make sure you register early if you plan to attend this class, the link for this Zoom event will be in the registration confirmation email you receive. You will receive an “audio-only” copy of the recording that will be sent to you by email within 48 hours of the class so please make sure you use an email address at the time of registration that you want the audio recording to go to. As a side note, the discussion is set on the topics above but as always, this class is based on the collective participants and as such the discussion may change slightly to accommodate what is presenting. I look forward to connecting with you!

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