Ascension Alchemy – Navigating Emotions


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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Are you finding yourself emotional in ways that are new for you?  Or maybe you’re seeing those you interact with such as family member, friends and work relationships expressing emotions differently, perhaps more expressive or volatile than normal?  Have you been the recipient of anothers volatile emotions?  If the answer is yes and you’re wondering why It has a lot to do with these planetary alignments we are now being influenced by, some which, haven’t happened in over 400 years.  Lots of conflicted turbulent energy pushing us to find our balance through clarity.  If we are not in our own awareness it can make life’s roads more difficult to travel.

We will be discussing how these shifts are affecting us both personally as well as on a collective level.  Why there is so much emotional turbulence coming to the surface.  Why is it important to own our power, autonomy, sovereignty and be our most authentic self, not who someone else wants us to be as well as how to own our power without fueling the fire.  We will look at how soul contracts are completing, and new soul agreements are being written as well as how we can support this process through our own personal work of Self-Empowerment.

Whether you are just opening to your awareness of your Soul self and Consciousness or you are already involved and on your path, this class will help you achieve a greater understanding of how the Universe / Multi-verse operates within you as well as the process of Soul Embodiment.  Through this call you will expedite your process of unfoldment in your personal journey through discussions surrounding the cosmic energies assisting in our awakening as well as a focus on expanding your conscious awareness of your soul purpose and Higher Self. You will receive support via exercises that help you connect to your guides, channel, speak Light Language and accelerate your process.  This call will give you a safe environment to learn and grow your abilities.

Each time we meet there will be new information for you to take away as well as time allowed for individual sharing so that I can assist in removing old programs, limited beliefs, lack consciousness and patterns that have kept you stuck. It’s important to know that I channel on behalf of the collective experience so while I have listed a brief outline for this call it is subject to change based on what is taking place within the collective showing up to participate in the call either in person or through the replay.  This is a live interactive call, everyone has an opportunity to ask questions.  Although this call will be video chat format you will receive the “audio” version of the replay, not the video.  If you are not able to be on the call live you will still receive a copy of the replay to listen to at your leisure.  I look forward to connecting with you!