Ascension Alchemy 12:12 Gateway


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Join me Thursday 12:12 @ 7:30pm for an on-line call for the latest energy update as well as celebrate Gaia’s 7 year Ascension Anniversary which started Dec 12, 2012 through this Dec 12, 2019.  2019 adds to 12 which makes this day the completion of what was brought into action years ago as more and more of us began our awakening process.  Time to shift up now!!  We also have a Full Moon (Cold Moon) in Gemini as well as Uranus going direct in Aires.

As we close the window on this last decade, we step out of 12/3 Soul Mastery / Seed of Creation energy into 22/4 Master Builder / Building Foundations energy.  The energy coming in is raising the bar pushing our bodies to release density in order to hold more light.  We will be discussing all of this on this call as well as taking a look at what we can expect going forward.  This call will be based on active participation and will allow for your questions or comments as always. I will be guiding us all through a meditation to help align and tune into the new frequencies as well as offer tools for you to use in your day to day experience in order to help keep you on track.  I look forward to connecting and amplifying our experience as we move into and anchor more fully the 2020 timelines!  The exchange for this call is $22 which helps anchor in the 22 master builder / 4 foundational energy.  Such exciting times, See  you Thursday!  I love you ️

**Registration for this class CLOSES at 6:30pm on Thursday 12:12.  If you are planning on attending please do not wait until the last minute.

*** An audio recording of the class will be made available to all participants within 48 hours of the class whether you were able to join us live for the call or not.  Activations will still be felt in the audio replay as if it was in the moment of the call.